Out to get you.

When a mystery murder accurs in the small village of Bandeville, what will happen? Will they ever find out who did this terrible deed. The life's lost and locked, all because of one person. Has this ruined this Bandeville forever?


3. Mourning

The crowd stayed silent until a woman collapsed in front of the body, tears pouring down her face. She shook violently, unable to move. A man shortly followed behind and kneeled down next to the woman. He bowed his head, hiding his tears and gently leaned forward and kissed the girl's forehead. Then stood up with the woman and stepped back into the swarm of shocked people.

The crowd didn't move for a while. Just stood there staring at the girl. There was a lot more talking but the people were silenced by a loud police car siren coming closer from the distance. It screeched into the wide empty mass of murderous air.

The people watched as several policemen lifted the pale, fragile body away. Some police guards shooed everyone away until there was nothing left of the crowd but footprints in the soft grass.
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