Life Lessons

This is a Movella filled with life lessons. It's not a story, or full of poems. It is simply full of what I've learnt from life, and what others have learnt.


27. Remind Yourself in Order to Forget

Today in PE the teachers let us loose in the nearby gardens to do some 'running'. Basically, we all walked around and explored the gardens and had a good laugh. Problem was, I had been there before with Wes, and just the thought of our date made me feel weird. I decided to show my BFFs where we sat etc, and I felt so much better afterwards. One of my friends kept hugging me, making sure I was ok, because the memories were so intense for me. I think that I had to remind myself of what had happened in order to forget about it. I know that re-reading old convos between you and someone you no longer speak to is rather unsavoury, but revisiting significant sites does help some people. It's helped me, and I feel so much more at one with myself now.

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