Life Lessons

This is a Movella filled with life lessons. It's not a story, or full of poems. It is simply full of what I've learnt from life, and what others have learnt.


6. It's Okay to be Single

Believe me, when you think you're in love with a guy, the likelihood of that being true is very slim. It's all in our heads. I know. It's happened to me. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with being single at my age. Having a boyfriend is sooo cool and all that, but do you really need hassle that doesn't need to be there?

Now is the time where school is important, not how many guys you've hooked up with. I mean, come one, employers aren't interested in how many guys you went out with aged fifteen, they're more interested in if you did DofE, or if you have anything that you can offer to their company.

Another thing is, having a boyfriend will take over your life, and I'm not trying to be funny, but, there's a lot more things that you can spend your time doing that will be better in the long run. Like homework (yay(!)), or spending some quality time with friends.

So, before you get hung up on that one guy, think: do I really want this?

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