Life Lessons

This is a Movella filled with life lessons. It's not a story, or full of poems. It is simply full of what I've learnt from life, and what others have learnt.


25. Don't Be Scared to Move On

Don't be scared to leave that chapter of your life behind. Eventually, you will have to say goodbye to it, but don't be scared, because as one door closes, another opens, and greater things await you.

Take me for example: I am now back to my single pringle status, and I have been that way for the best part of 2 months. Granted, things were crap for weeks after things blew up, but I was finally getting on with things. I was forgetting about Wes, and his BFF who like to spread rumours about me and I was moving on. I was laughing again- often at Wesley and his stupidity- but I was laughing nonetheless. But, I tend to know when something bad is going to happen, and last week, I knew something bad was on its way. I was due for a bad thing. I'd had too longer stretch of goodness. Sure enough, Wesley decided to rear his ugly head and spread some more bs stories about me. I mean, COME ON! We broke up 2 months ago, surely I'm old news by now. The fact that he STILL talks about me just shows how immature he is, and how he hasn't moved on from the situation, attempting to drag me down with him. That's not going to happen. I find it kind of creepy that he still talks about me. He and his BFF seem to be borderline obsessive with me... Creepy!

Anyway, that is besides the point. You need to move on with things. Take your time, but don't be scared when the time comes to close that chapter of your story and start the next, new, far more exciting stage of your life.

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