The Guardian Angel

Sixteen year old Caitlynn lost both her parents and her younger brother in a car accident. She has now been adopted by her aunt and uncle. She is looking forward to a hard life, but what happens when she meets Tedd, a kind but quite weird boy, and the mysterious Audrey, who tells her a story about different worlds, a kingdom, angels and God?

Note: I put the chapters up as pages - so each chapter is approximately one page in my Word document. AND, sorry for typos and mistakes - I rarely look back at it, so please forgive me.


12. Page twelve

“Yeah! It’s so big and awesome!” my voice was a bit high-pitched with excitement; I knew where everything should be in the attic. It was just awesome. The next Monday I was going to school for the very first time. Or, well, of course I have been to school before, but not here, anyway.

When we had gotten everything out of the trailer and up to the attic, it was almost dinnertime. But it didn’t stop me - I started the process of putting my new furniture into their new places. It went fast, too. In an hour, all the furniture had been installed like it needed to. The LP’s hung at the wall, beside the window. On the other side of the window, the bookcase stood with all my books in it. The windowsill had gotten pillows, so that I could sit there. My bed stood in the middle of the room, with the head end against the wall. Beside it was the nightstand. The TV hung on the opposite wall. The desk was in the other end of the room, in front of the window. That window pointed toward the garden. Now you probably wondered where the staircase was. It was in the corner, beside the desk. There was a rail around it, except where you went up.


When the clock that I had hung on the wall told me that it was almost ten pm, I had almost finished. Almost everything was in place. My clothing was in the wardrobe. I had made my bed; my night clothing was on top of the pillow. I sat down on the carpet on the floor. I ran my fingers through it, felt the material. It was a home now. My home. My room. My place. I lay down on my back, I collapsing on the floor, arms and legs spread apart. I was not touching the floor, so big was the carpet. I closed my eyes. I need some sleep. But something told me not to go to sleep. I couldn’t quite figure out whether I was tired or not. I just lay there. I opened my eyes. In the windowsill lay the feather. It was still as white as newly fallen snow, no tint of grey or any other color. I stood up, and went to the window. I ran my fingers over the feather, feeling the familiar warmth of it. You would think that it would be cold, but it wasn’t. It was not burning either, just something nice and pleasant. Outside, it was dark. The streetlamp shined the same way as yesterday, and I felt the creepy feeling of déjà vu, and I expected to hear the rustle any second. But everything was quiet, and I went downstairs to prepare myself for the night.


It was a nightmare. I knew it, but I couldn’t quite make myself calm down. I saw it - horror, destruction, dead. Blood. Wounds. I smelt the fear and the burning metal, and I feel the pain. Everything was red, even the sky. Suddenly, the scene changed and instead of the red-ish colors, everything was in greyscale. I heard a laugh and I spun around, fast, not that slow-motion-usual-nightmare-thing, and suddenly it felt more real than before, and I got scared for real.

When I looked around, no one’s there. But the laugh still echoed around me. Now I started to recognize my surroundings. I was in some kind of old ruin; there were mountains in the horizon, but the pieces of old houses and buildings hoovers over me, threatening to fall to pieces on top of me, leaving my body an empty shall.

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