The Guardian Angel

Sixteen year old Caitlynn lost both her parents and her younger brother in a car accident. She has now been adopted by her aunt and uncle. She is looking forward to a hard life, but what happens when she meets Tedd, a kind but quite weird boy, and the mysterious Audrey, who tells her a story about different worlds, a kingdom, angels and God?

Note: I put the chapters up as pages - so each chapter is approximately one page in my Word document. AND, sorry for typos and mistakes - I rarely look back at it, so please forgive me.


33. Page thirthyfour

“Is this better?” Tedd asked me, and I could hear the smile in his voice. I nodded - I was gaining a tiny bit of warmth from his body, slowly but steadily. A tap on the window told us that Audrey had finished his business and was back. Tedd let out a swearword, but pushed me from his lap, stood up and walked to the window. He opened it, and I saw Audreys white hands grab the windowsill and heave himself inside. I was still sitting up.

“I got a message through to her. She answered me that you should by all means stay in bed and not to be left alone. She has to finish some business first, and then she will come here. Do you want me to get you anything? Tea, coffee, hot chocolate?” I thought about it for a minute, then simply answered “Tea.”. Audrey went down the staircase and disappeared once again. Tedd climbed back into my bed, heaving me onto his lap again, tugging me in in his arms. I rested my head back against his shoulder, closing my eyes. My body felt heavy, and I was aching to just ten minutes of sleep. Just rest wouldn’t do. I had to close my eyes and drift of, to gain energy again.

The next thing I remember is Audrey’s voice burning away the veil of mist around my mind, pulling me back to reality.

“Put her down,” he said, his voice cold as ice, making me shiver slightly.

“I’m not doing anything to her. She was freezing; I wanted to help her get warm again. Chill down, man,” Tedd’s voice made his chest vibrate as he carefully put me down from his lap. I was not fully awake, I was not able to open my eyes, nor react to what was going on.

“Get out of her bed. Right now,” Audrey said, his voice still cold and shaking with rage. I felt Tedd’s weight lift from the bed, and here I got angry. Was Audrey supposed to decide for me, who was to be friendly to me or not? My eyes sprang open, looking at the scenario in front of me. Audrey was staring at Tedd with a hard look. Tedd was with his back to me, holding his hands in front of him.

“Easy… I wasn’t going anything to her, you know. I was just holding her, what is the problem?” Tedd said. I sat up in my bed, though my body screamed for me to stay down. My muscles were hard and tense, my bones feeling shaky. Audrey’s eyes fell on me in the same second he opened his mouth to talk. I got to my feet, standing right in front of him.

“Keep your nose out of this. I get the fact that you are my Guardian Angel, and that is fine. But Tedd is my friend, and you are not the one to decide who I am gonna be close with or not. That is none of your business.” I looked at him with a glance of cold disgust. He looked hurt, but he was the one that had acted ridiculously, and I wanted him to know that. I could feel Tedd behind me; feel his glance of surprise on me. I didn’t turn around, though, but waited until Audrey turned on his heel and went for the window, opened it and disappeared. Then I turned around to glance at Tedd. I felt pale and not very steady on my feet. I sat back down on my bed, breathing heavily.

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