The Guardian Angel

Sixteen year old Caitlynn lost both her parents and her younger brother in a car accident. She has now been adopted by her aunt and uncle. She is looking forward to a hard life, but what happens when she meets Tedd, a kind but quite weird boy, and the mysterious Audrey, who tells her a story about different worlds, a kingdom, angels and God?

Note: I put the chapters up as pages - so each chapter is approximately one page in my Word document. AND, sorry for typos and mistakes - I rarely look back at it, so please forgive me.


17. Page seventeen

“Nah, I don’t really like being at home. Mostly I’m wandering of in town.” He answered, silent and not as happy and living as before. I felt sorry for him, and though I knew it was somewhat stupid, I asked him to come inside for a cup of tea.

“Really?” he looked like he didn’t believe me, but when I smiled and nodded, he smiled back.

“I’ll be down in just a second!” I said as I shut the window and went to remove the plate. After that, I ran down the stairs to the door. I unlocked it and opens it, and outside he stood, tall and big, even bigger as he stood in the doorway. I knew that I was taking a big risk, but I had a feeling that he was a good boy and someone whom I could trust. Around him, I felt a little bit more alive in a way that not means jumping from a cliff.

“Come on inside, I’ll make some tea, or, would you rather have a cup of coffee?” I asked him, while he took of his jacket.

“Tea’s fine, just fine,” he says as he followed me into the kitchen. I started boiling some water, and then hopelessly started seeking for cups, I still had trouble finding stuff around the house, especially the kitchen, but eventually I found two blue porcelain cups and when the water was done, I poured it in the cups, and followed up with the tealeaves. All the while, I see Tedd following me with his eyes, now and then looking around the kitchen instead. I gave him one of the cups and heaved myself up on top of the kitchen table.

“So … this is where you live.” Tedd said, after he had taken a sip of his tea. He was leaning against the table, looking at me.

“Yeah, I guess so. It’s nice here.”

“It really is. I feel like a caveman, standing here. I’m used to … somewhat messier places.” He said with a little, dejected grin.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s just how it is; it doesn’t make you or your family worse people. I bet they’re really nice.” I said, trying to comfort him, he suddenly seemed a lot less happy. My comment made him smile sincerely again, though.

“Yeah, you’re right. My momma’s a nice person. Real nice.”

“You seem to be quite fond of your mom,” I said. “She must be a really good mother.” He nodded, looking very happy to be able to talk about her. I got the feeling that, if those people from before were his friends, he didn’t do that very much.

“She is. She’s really caring and amazing. She would like to take you under her wings,” he said, and started laughing, most likely of an old joke. I smiled at him, and took a couple of sips of my cup.

“Are you feeling a bit better?” he asked when he finished laughing, looking at me as if I was an equation that he just couldn’t figure out. I nodded at him, telling that I felt all right, that it was healing rather quickly.

“Actually, the doctors were a little anxious about letting me out of the hospital, but I was healing so quickly that they had to. They told me that they had never seen anything like it.” He looked at me, puzzled. I felt as puzzled about it as he looked, because I had always been a bit of a crybaby, and had troubles healing scars and such. Now I suddenly recovered faster than it should be possible.

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