The Guardian Angel

Sixteen year old Caitlynn lost both her parents and her younger brother in a car accident. She has now been adopted by her aunt and uncle. She is looking forward to a hard life, but what happens when she meets Tedd, a kind but quite weird boy, and the mysterious Audrey, who tells her a story about different worlds, a kingdom, angels and God?

Note: I put the chapters up as pages - so each chapter is approximately one page in my Word document. AND, sorry for typos and mistakes - I rarely look back at it, so please forgive me.


36. Page 37

“What? What is it?” he said, crossing the room and then stopped abruptly beside Zara, his eyes wide.

“What?” now it’s my turn to question. I want to know why I’m hurting this much. Audrey sat on his knees beside my head, stroked my hair with his hand, his face white as snow.

“Caitlynn, you did not only get beaten up. Somehow, that beast must have had some kind of dark magic that it transferred into your body. It has attached to your spine… from there, it is spreading. Your skin is turning ashen and black. The pains are not only because it played clubbing with you, it is because you have been poisoned with dark magic.” Audrey repeated himself, his voice shaking, his hand continually stroking my hair. I feel my body going could and numb.

“What will happen? Am I going to...” I don’t get to finish my sentence before Audrey breaks in.

“No! No, I will not allow that, I am not losing you again!” his voice gained force, his hand grabbing at my hair. Behind him I could see Tedd standing looking at us, his face falling. Then an image appears in my mind. It takes a second for me to register it, but then I realize that it is Audrey who is sending an image of my back. What I see scares me. My spine is more pointy than usual. My skin is not even white, but ashen grey, spreading in spirals from my spine, the outline of it looking almost burned. If I didn’t know that it meant I was dying, I would find it beautiful. The image disappears. I looked at Audrey.

“Please… please do something…” I whispered, feeling frightened and very, very small.

“Audrey, I will heal as much as I possibly can. Audrey, you will have to help her every single evening, maybe even in the morning for her to get up. Get up and take a look.” Zara says, and Audrey stood up. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, guessing it wouldn’t hurt to do that. I felt Zara’s warm hands on my back, just below my bra. She continued to show and tell Audrey what he should do, but at that time I zoomed out. Pains shot down my spine and into my ribs at that moment, and I felt all my muscles tighten, and my head dived into the pillow to keep from making any sounds. I could feel Audrey and Zara working on my back, but I didn’t notice much.

I must have passed out at some point, because the next thing I remember is someone sitting beside the bed, stroking my hair. I felt clammy underneath the cover, and my body sore. I think I frowned, because the person beside me moved and the hand stopped stroking me for a bit.

“Caitlynn? Are you okay?” a voice asked. I felt like I had heard it before, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on who it belonged to. Then I knew. It must have been my brother sitting in my room with me because I was ill. I was sure of it. Who else could it be? So I opened my eyes to look at him, but was met by the sight of an older boy. Audrey. It all came back to me, and I felt broken all over. He must have seen the disappointment in my eyes, because he looked very, very sad suddenly.

“I’m sorry. You were expecting someone else, right?” he said, his hand leaving my hair, and suddenly I felt so small and vulnerable.

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