Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


5. Welcome home!

I didn't realised I had fallen asleep until the timer around my neck bleeped and buzzed angrily ordering me get dinner out of the oven, I jumped up, stumping my toe on the side and swung open the oven and pulled out the fish and boiled the potatoes. Slightly used to the silence around me I turned the Radio on and swung around the kitchen singing and dancing to various songs that I had never heard of before. The phone rang, splitting the music, I turned the thumping tunes down and picked up the receiver 

"Hello?" My mothers rushed worried voice protected through the receiver,

"Darling, is that you?" She said worriedly, who else?  

"Yes, mum." I said trying to hide the urge to say 'no' and listened to her panicky voice

"Oh, good. Your okay, well me and your father will be in later, we are catching a Movie and your dads paying for dinner, is that okay, dear?" She asked, I sighed and tried to restrain my urge to cry and nodded to myself 

"Yeah, of course! I will just have the fish, okay?" I said and hung up before she could say sorry or tell me how much she disliked my father. I finished cooking and ate the fish and potatoes in silence, tided my things away and cleaned the surfaces and rushed into my room double checked all my homework, finding myself with nothing much to do I slumped back into the living room and curled up the sofa and switched the TV on and lay there watching nothing amusing happen in-front of me until I slowly drifted back into a soft warming sleep. 


I was awakened by yelling and laughter, a mixture I never wanted to hear from the same people at once with me as a witness. My eyes felt like sandpaper as I pulled myself up from the warm comforting snuggle under the blankets. My young beautiful sat on the counter, her long tanned bare legs swinging she wore a plain black dress that hung under her knees and a red belt and a white cardigan, her work uniform. Her long blonde hair was twirled and placed in a stunning knot on the top of her head and she wore a limited amount of make-up and yet she still looked beautiful, she was laughing and smiling. Shrieking when my dad tickled her and just normal chatting! My father wore a boring suit that was plain grey and plain black shoes, there was nothing spectacular about my dad yet all the women adored him, gushing at his knowledge and his money. But my mother was real, nothing like my father. He was all fake, so when he drew his lips to hers for a soft but passionate kiss I could feel the betray sparking in me.  So I made it more obvious I was awake and yawned, snapping the love into two, I looked at my young mother and she coughed and jumped off the surface and slammed into my dad and he caught her off guard and span her around holding her close but a safe distance. I wanted to yank her away from him and hug her and defend her from my fathers charming edge. 

"Oh, Juliet." My mother voice sounded concerned but not quite with it. I blinked and nodded as if to remind her it was still me. But she didn't look like she cared, she had been drinking. My dad had gotten her drinking again, so I stepped into my grandmothers shoes 

"Mum, upstairs now." I said firmly, my mother looked at me and raised her eyebrows and said stupidly 

"What if I don't want to?" I almost laughed with fury, 

"Now, mum. Don't make you dead to me as well." I hissed and before I could expect it she burst into tears and escaped the room dashing upstairs. I could hear her bedroom door slam 

"I want you to leave. Now." I said angrily thumping my fist against the surface and turned to him. His eyes watched me 

"You can't speak to your mother like that!" He said slowly. I watched him with an irritated look on my face

"She's my mother and I love more than anything, so I have to protect her from jerks that are willing to snap her heart into to." I said and looked into his dark grey eyes and hissed every letter making it clear. 

"Look, Juliet I love her." He said slowly, 

"If you loved her in the first place you would never have thought about leaving, but I suggest you change shoes and leave now before I go and retrive the bat hidden in the closet under the stairs." I said threateningly, he let out a forced laughter and nodded

"Could I borrow you phone?" He asked, I jumped up scrabbled around in the change draw and passed him a fifty pence he looked at me confused

"There is a pay phone across the street, you have two minutes make it useful and be gone." I said irritated. He nodded and picked up his briefcase from the door and turned to me 

"I love you both, Juliet." He said, I tilted my head

"I can tell when your lying, I wish I would point it out now. But I can't because your not, its just to late." I said and shut the door tightly and double bolted it and placed the key in the draw and shut all the curtains and started the kettle and locked all the windows and shut the downstairs door and took the tea and toast upstairs and knocked on my mother door. 

"Come in." Her voice sounded strained and irritated. I wondered into her room, she had opened her window the largest peak and was still in her outfit, her make-up smeered 

"Your beautiful with out that." I said pointing to her ruined make-up, she smiled halfheartedly. 

"Is he gone?" She asked, I nodded and sighed and picked up the tissues from the side

"I am so sorry, Mum. I didn't think you still cared about him, I thought you had Collin had really made a start?" I said, I knew it was a frail attempt, Mum hadn't seen Collin in two months and she knew I knew this infomation but if she remebered it she didn't say anything. Her arms wrapped around me and we crashed onto her bed as I snuggled my face into her neck.

"Baby girl?" My mum whispered. I laughed softly

"Yeah, mama?" I said softly, she rocked me tightly

"I love you."  

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