Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


11. Preparation


We pranced around the shopping centres, Maggie picking something stunning up for herself and it suiting her beautifully, then something for me and it looked hideous! The whole entire time Maggie was glued to her mobile texting Lizzie, Rebbeca and Gail informing them and persuading them, it struck three o'clock at the five of us waited outside Cost Coffee, grinning and smiling at one-another 

"This is going to be truly great!" Rebbeca was our drama queen but her sentence wasn't over dramatic it was correct. It was going to be amazing, right? 


We hunted the shops for another hour and found pretty dresses for each of them, Maggie brought a simple black number with a single strap and a slit down her back, Gail brought a long red dress with golden buckles around it, Lizze brought a pink dress with a draped neck and bare shoulders, Rebbeca brought a dark yellow dress that hung around her ankles and long sleeves that had matching gloves and shoes which she brought for the sake of it. But I had nothing! I stood their irritably, complimenting each whilst sulking miserably. We went into the last shop and I begged this would be the place, but their was nothing! I wanted to cry, I wanted to look beautiful. We headed back home, each of them saying, I must have something to wear. I almost believed them but I then opened my wardrobe and collapsed onto the floor in misery. There was a knock at my bedroom door, the five of us cramped in here and it was rather stuffy so we all breathed with relief when there was a fresh breeze. It was dinner time, they all filtered downstairs. But I hung back wanting to speak to my mum. 

"Come with me." She whispered. I watched her, half expecting her to take me into her bedroom. But we climbed the second set of stairs into the attic room, it was a dark room with a naked light bulb hanging loosely from the beamed ceiling. She rummaged around in a box and then produced a neatly packaged parcel with a silk white bow, 

"Here." She said passing it to me, it was beautiful.  


It was a silk purple dress with wide straps but it was cut off at the shoulders, it was simple and unreavling but yet it was stunning. It was a deep purple with a high neck and slit up the side of my reaching just bellow my hip, exposing my leg. I gasped 

"What is it?" I demanded a little breathlessly, my voice sounded stunned 

"A birthday present, but you deserved it now." She said and tilted her head to me, her warm comforting smile seemed to make my smile last even longer. 

I hardly ate anything, I showed them all my dress and we did happy squeals. I rummaged around in the bathroom and presented five dressing gowns and grinned at my four best friends. 


Rebecca did my make up beautifully and Lizzie curled my hair in large ringlets, I looked wonderful, in my own eyes which truly meant something to me. I glanced my reflection; my normally pasty skin had a unfamiliar warming glow to it, maybe it was Maggie's foundation, but I looked older. My eyes where illuminated with dark eye liner and my lips where a light pink, I looked pretty. Me, Juliet, looked pretty.   

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