Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


8. Our first conversation

It was getting late, striking ten o'clock. I sat on my bed in my room, my mother was complaining of a headache and carried herself off to her bedroom. I sat on my bed finishing my science homework and scanning my notes. I was wearing my checked PJ bottoms and on old oversized t-shirt with a peculiar Maths joke that my aunt found very funny - but I didn't really understand and didn't risk taking it out of the house! My blonde curly hair was tied up in some kind of scruffy tie and my large unattractive glasses sat perched at the end of my nose. I was bored sick, I placed my notes down and stood up and walked over to the window sill and sat down and pulled up the blind, all the courage inside me spiked up. Hunter was in his bedroom, on the phone. He had it pressed to his ear, resting on his neck. He was wearing jeans and a plain navy t-shirt that clung to his figure as he stalked around his room. I sat there watching him for seconds on time and got up and brushed my teeth and finished off reading my notes, this time I curled up on the chair that was sat facing his house, I watched him, he put down the phone and pulled at his hair, he turned towards me. My heart skipped a beat, I didn't know why, but I pulled out my sketch book that was buried far under my clothing, as he watched me and I scribbled using a faded marker pen that me and Maggie used to write on the wall with You Ok? I don't really understand why I did it, I just did. His eyes scrunched with worry. He grinned and sat down at his desk that was next to the window-sill and wrote, Tired of drama. I blinked and then scribbled back Sorry, I don't really know why I did, maybe it was because I was. He smiled and then turned away and pulled back the curtain and smiled half-heartedly. I thought alone for a minutes after time, and then wondered over to my mirror and stared at my reflection she watched me back. I laughed and pulled my hair into two bunches and sat there swishing my head around and laughed at my reflection, I clicked 'on' on my sturdy old radio, filling up with spirit, I swung around my bedroom to the thumping tunes of Cold Metal and then fell back onto my bed full of joy and an urge of something new, something I wanted to explore. 

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