Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


9. Maggie

"Running?" I said exasperated, Maggie and my mum nodded. I blinked about eight times before I reacted. 

"No, way!" I said clearly and looked at my slender mother and skinny best friend and rolled my eyes, "We, or you, don't need to go running." I said irritated and watched her cold blue eyes as she scanned me,  but Maggie answered 

"No, but we could all do it together, just to get into shape?" She suggested. I looked down at my body but I wasn't fat, no. But I wasn't too slim, I could use I tiny bit of running, maybe. 

"Fine then, But not today." I said and turned around to leave but Maggie caught my arm 

"Please, just once and if we don't like it, we don't do it again, okay?" Maggie said looking at my mum to back her up and to my extreme annoyance she did. I huffed angrily

"Fine then, just let me get changed?" I said and Maggie squealed happily as I darted upstairs to get changed. I was grumpy and slow. Our jog went quickly and rather fast. I was pleased and came home and got dressed, Maggie sat on my bed as I dashed into the shower and pulled on my skinny jeans and a plain navy blue t-shirt and a knitted cardigan, my hair dried quickly enough I put on some small amount of make-up and wondered back into my bedroom and sat down next to Maggie

"Want to catch a movie and then go shopping?" Maggie suggested. I winced, I loved spending time with Maggie and the movies would be amazing, but I couldn't find the feeling to watch a movie that I didn't really feel like. 

"Maybe we could just hang out here?" I suggested, Maggie nodded and beamed at me and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear

"Yeah, that would be cool as well." She said, there was something she wanted to ask me but she didn't want to. I knew my best friend so well and I really wanted to know what was wrong, so I tilted my head and frowned 

"What's wrong, Mags?" I asked, she blinked. I hadn't called her that in ages, she turned away and walked over to the window, something inside me clicked and for some insane reason I sprinted over to the window and pulled the window down and sat next to her. She shot me a peculiar look 

"What are you hiding, Juliet? I can't stand this, its unbelievable." She said and got up grabbing her jacket off the side

"What do you mean?" I asked in defense, I blinked slightly confused and turned to my best friend and blinked and tried to get myself under control 

"You and Bella keep whispering and what was the stunt you did with the fire alarm? We are best friends, Julie. What are you trying to do, this is so unlike you! I just want to be best friends, Julie. I really respect your feelings and you respect mine so why would you just ignore me like this?" She demanded, she looked like someone had blown everything out of her, everything. 

"Excuse me? Me and Bella understand each other-" Maggie cut me off, stunned

"You don't think I understand you?" Maggie demanded noisly 

"No, Maggie I don't." I said annoyingly. I turned away 

"Sometimes I think that you and Bella would rather be best friends. Sometimes I think you'd rather just keep secrets from me, is it easier like that for you?" Maggie demanded harshly. Somehow I knew I needed this, but somehow I really didn't want to.

"Yeah, me and Bella are friends, maybe she understands me," I paused, Maggie looked like she might scream or cry or anything that would slap me back "But, you, Maggie are so much more! You are my sister, you don't just understand me you look after me you are that sister I always wanted. I am so sorry I kept secrets, its just- to hard to explain." Maggie looked a little better but still disappointed

"You said your self that we understand each other, so tell me!" Maggie said, I knew I would have to tell her. So I did. 

"You know Elise?" 

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