Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


3. Hunter, Hart and Cameron


“Miss Juliet, did you hit the fire alarm?” Mrs Ket said her eyes looked shocked and appalled, the class hesitated, not moving as quickly has they had been

“Yes.” I said slowly and tried to focus, but I saw at least eight Mrs Ket. I blinked and adjusted my mind, but it didn’t help, in fact I felt a slight nausea.

“Is there a fire?” Mrs Ket demanded. I shook my head slowly, she looked at me angrily.

“To Mr Gawn’s office, now!” She shouted, it rung in my head a hundred times. I sighed and nodded, I picked up my rucksack and drew myself to my feet and headed for the door, but personally I had no intention of seeing Mr Gawn, he didn’t deserve my company, I thought hotly and left the school building. As I hobbled across the playground towards the back gate, something caught my attention, Hunter, Hart and Cameron crossing the empty playground. So I pulled up my hood and hobbled across. They didn’t take any notice of me, well until I fell over. Sprawled out on the floor, arms and legs in every direction, cramped in a horrible position and groaning in pain

“Hey, is that you Jenny?” Cameron’s cocky voice asked, sounding anything but concerned, the other two didn’t answer. I tried to answer, but my lip was swollen. So I turned so they could see me and let hooting laughs. I watched them with furry written over my face, and thought only of Elise and Hunter both being squashed.

“Juliet,What do you want?” I managed to hiss, my lips throbbing uncontrollably. Hunter answered

“Are you okay?” He asked, I answered quickly, maybe to quickly for me

“Like you care.” I said quickly and swift. He watched me and a frown caused in his forehead

“Whatever.” He said replied his tone went from one to another, I couldn’t quite decide what I meant. Nothing I cared about, I told myself. They all frowned down at me, I pulled myself to my feet and Hart had a half hearted smile on his face which I wanted to slap off so madly. I then blinked, why was I so angry all of a sudden? Hart and Cameron watched Hunter with a confused and annoyed expression. I had known Hart for almost six years, we are neighbours. Something Elise would normally be jealous of, well except from me because I wasn't worth his attention, so when he spoke to me it was something that didn't normally happen, a 'clash in the food chain', Maggie would describe it, 

“Come on, we need to go.” Hart said annoyed, I watched them and pulled myself up

“Where?” I asked, Cameron answered, much to my hate

“No of your business.” He said, I sighed and rested my head on my shoulder

“Really, I’ll assume it’s the worst then, I hope you die alone.” I said harshly. His eyes swivelled over me

“Ha, like you care.” He said mimicking my words. I watched him, we were the same height, he raised his fist as though to punch me and then Hunter shoved him away from me,

“Dude, that’s not cool! Like you’d hit a girl, do you want to drop you status some more?” Hunter said, I couldn’t decide whether that was him sticking up for me or what but I decided to let it slide. But I watched him

“Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t hit a boy,” I said watching his eyes, Cameron looked me up and down

“I thought you were smart, Danvers, but your nothing but pathetic.” I hated it, I hated it. So I slapped him, as my fist made contact with his face, someone pulled me back, wrapping my arms around my back, holding me back. Cameron flinched but didn’t react and him and Hart exchanged a angry fearsome look and headed off,

“Don’t be stupid, Juliet.” It was Hunter, his husky voice lingered on me. His breath soft and smelt like peppermint, I shook him off. Luckily for me he wasn’t holding too tight and I was able to squirm my way free, I hesitated and before yelling at him I looked at him. He was blonde, with freckly skin and deep blue eyes almost brown, his figure was slender and swift made for sport, running. I watched him and nodded

“Thanks.” I said after a while, he watched me “Its okay, Juliet.” He said, I turned away and placed my hands on my head and sighed breathing in, I was so angry, but why? It didn’t make sense. I turned to Hunter his green bag sat on the floor beside mine. I turned to him to collect my bag but his eye caught mine “What happened to you?” He asked. I wasn’t about to rat Elise out to her boyfriend. So I nodded

“Fell down the stairs.” I said, he didn’t believe me but then again he didn’t care so he didn’t ask any more questions. I grabbed my bag off the floor

“I got to go.” I said, and turned away he nodded and watched me briefly

“Bye,” He said and didn’t say it softly or importantly but he said it with meaning. But I shook my head and walked off trying not to let my mind think. 

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