Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


14. Home

        I was unconscious and Lizzie decided to walk home, Gail already left because she wasn't feeling so great and Rebecca went with her, Maggie, was no where. I hoped she was okay. But as I dabbed my side with a bloody tissue, Hunter looked at me confused, I realised I wasn't okay!

"What happened?" He demanded. I blinked and then thought wildly 

"Everyone left in such a hurry and I got pushed around and shoved and walked into a split cup and it cut me!" I said, he blinked and examined in the rip in my dress and nodded

"This is stupid." He said and turned to me, I shrugged, it stung a little bit but it was numb. 

"Could I just go home, Hunter? I don't want to face all these people." I said and buried my face in my hands. Hunter ran his finger across my cheek 

"Hey, I have an idea." He said and opened the upstairs window to full length. I watched him as he tied is arms around my waist and pulled me to the window ledge

"No way!" I semi-shrieked. He laughed and kissed me full on the lips, making me lean towards him and he caught me, swingeing me easily off the window sill and catching the drainpipe. I squealed and still a little dizzy from our kiss and I clung onto him was we moved from the drain pipe around the house, jumping onto the garage, I was captivated. He held me against his slender athletics body, he pressed his lips softly against mine once more and some how I knew this wasn't going to last. But I clung to him as he ran his hands through my hair, I did the same and blinked at him when he pulled away. My side ached and I felt sick and I really wanted to lie down because I had already had four cans of beer, I tripped over my own feet, he caught me, 

"Lets get you home safely, okay?" He said, I bit my lip and nodded. He pulled me down next to him and we slipped out the back of the garden and reached his car. I texted Maggie: Feeling a little bit ill, getting a lift home. All okay?I waited for her reply and my phone bleeped, making my head spin and my eyes flutter. Hunter watched me nervously: Great acutally! My friends giving me a lift back. Have fun. I wondered if she was okay and felt the smallest bit jealous when she said that she already had a lift. But I let it slide. The car started and reared out of the drive we didn't get far until I vomited all over the dashboard and jumped at the sound and Hunter had to pull over, I was flushed with embarrassment and being totally stupid and I felt even worse. 

"I'm going to pull over!" Hunter said and parked the car in some park and I jumped out and dashed to the bushes and tried to be sick but nothing happened, well until it began to pour, drenching me from head to toe, I let out a little frustrated whimper. I knelt down on the kerb and placed my hands on my face and burst into tears, Hunter came and sat down beside me 

"I'm freezing, drenched and have been sick twice, in your car!" I said exasperated flushed with embarrassment and tears. It was all to much for me. Hunter jumped up and rummaged through his car and presented another shirt, this one was a dark faded green. He placed it around my shoulder, I slipped my arms through the gaps and he did up the buttons. He ran one hand through my drenched hair and cupped my chin and leaned in. I looked away and sighed irritably. 

"I like you, Hunter. But I can't help but this feels so wrong." I said and stood up slipping my high-heals off and turned around and climbed over the gate

"Where are you going?" He asked, I looked around and shrugged

"Finding a way home." I said and started through the mud filled field that reached my ankles, the field was obviously in preparation for the harvest season, I prayed there would me another foot road that someone lived alone willing to let me borrow a phone because mine was dying. Hunter jumped over the gate and watched me, standing in the mud. 

"Please, I won't kiss you again." He said, I laughed. We where some distance away from each other and our shouts carried through the night. 

"That's not the problem, the problem is Elise." Hunter looked pained at watched me as I stopped and waited for an answer

"Your still into her, and your know that" I said exasperated that I had to keep talking, I turned away and began trudging through the mud, going nowhere. Hunter pulled off his shoes and like me ran through the mud. The next thing happened he spun me off my feet, but my weight was to much for him and we both slipped into the mud, lying on our backs in the thick mud, 

"Nah, I am pretty crazy about you." He said and kissed me long and hard meaningfully. I moved against his lips and rocked him in my arms as he held me against his chest and I shut my eyes and I couldn't be happier. 


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