Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


2. Elise Height


There was nobody at the shed, personally I had hoped so, but as I arrived it sent more shivers down my spine. So I continued looking, I turned the next corner and re-entered the huge building and climbed the first flight of stairs, the silent stairs. Nobody was insight. I let out another sigh of relief and turned the second sharp corner, I breathed out carefully and then suddenly I heard her high pitched flirting laugh, sending shivers down my spine. Making me shake in my shoes, I worried slightly and then faced her.


Her olive green eyes stared at me narrowing maliciously, her cherry red lips sparkled in the dim hallways flickering light, her skin was a dark tan from their recent holiday somewhere far from here. She was skinny, and not a pretty skinny. Yet all the boys adored her, she had that kind of ‘attitude’ about her, boys loved her, girls loved her or girls pretended to love her, so they wouldn’t get beaten up – like me. I was the ‘what-not-to-do’ example. But I wasn’t the first, behind her flanked a small girl with long plaited red hair and on her other side a small girl with gleaming blue eyes and a shaggy haircut, which didn’t really suit her. One carried her gym bag the other chattered away uselessly. They didn’t notice me at first

“Oh, Hunter, he’s such a gentleman to you, E” The red headed girl said, I could see the jealously written her across her face. Elise flicked her hair

“He adores me.” She said, as though she had won a award, I felt my face go bright red at what Bella had said. I sighed and pulled my self from behind the pillar and faced the three scornful girls

“Oh, look what the cat dragged in.” The girl with the blue eyes said, I think her name was Lila. I sighed and watched her carefully. She just laughed; Elise shot Lila a stern look, as though it was the look of this is my toy. I sighed and tried to remain calm

“What do you want?” Elise hissed, her red lips forming every syllable. I watched them

“To speak to you.” I said carefully. Elise rolled her green eyes, Lila laughed

“She doesn’t want to talk to you.” Lila said almost with annoyance, Elise shot her harsh look. Lila backed down instantly like she had just been hit, Odd, I thought and turned my attention back to Elise who was now approaching me.

“I don’t like what your doing,” I said softly. Her eyes sparked up with fury and amusement

“And what would that be?” She said, her voice had a taunting that rang from every letter she said.

“Treating people like dirt.” I said carefully. I thought of everyone, I thought of Chantelle. I sighed and plucked up enough courage to continue “I can’t believe that you treat everyone like their below you, you’re so horrid to everyone when the only person that deserves all this is you! I am not whiter than white, Elise, but I am above you!” I challenged. At first I thought she might back down, but I was wrong. She walked up to me and pressed her manicured hands on my shoulders and shoved, hard. The floor disappeared from underneath me as I flew down the flight of stairs; my head lolled back and hit the floor, hard. Making me dizzy, but she wasn’t finished. I wanted to crawl and up and sleep, daze do anything but be here and have to pretend to be brave, not to care. I pulled myself off the floor; I was now on the small platform between the stairs

“Really, that’s all you have got?” I challenged a huge mistake! She smiled cruelly

“Not nearly close.” She said and this time slapped me, hard. It stung from every muscle in my face, there was pain all over my face I gasped and stepped back, and seized my chanced and punched her, square in the eye. I let out a gasp and broke into a run, or my best attempt of a run. More of a hobble, I made it to the stairs and pulled myself down, Elise was close behind me. I breathed carefully, she’s going to kill me, I thought wildly. I slapped my heavy back-pack back hitting her on stomach, she stuttered, I made another lunge, the only way out was ages away, I’d be killed by the end of the corridor. I gave my best jump and hit the fire alarm square. The classes spilled out, quickly. They all stopped to notice me, slumped against the wall and of course, no Elise. 

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