Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


15. Bad to Great

My head pounded my eyes ached and my body felt soulless and heavy for a girl of my size.There was a knock at my door that made my head spin

"Come in!" I shouted and burried my head under my pillows. My mum stood in the door 

"Coffee?" She suggested, I nodded through the pillows and could hear her placing it down on my bedside table and then leaving. I was wearing my pyjamas and a still Hunters shirt with a little white camisoul underneath. I tied my long blonde hair into a ponytail and slipped on my slippers and splashed water on my face and pulled up the window and grabbed my sketch pad and sat down on the windowsill. Hunter sat at his desk with his guitar on his lap, I knew he was mad about music he had played the drums since he was little and each Friday night he would have his lessons and I could get so irritated I had to leave the house!. I tapped on the window, he looked up and grinned and opened the window. I did the same and smiled at him 

"Morning, Juliet." He said and grinned at me. I couldn't help it I blushed.

"Hey." I said softly. He laughed at watched me, and tilted his head to the side

"Felling any better?" He asked and I blushed and shook my head

"Rough, you?" I asked he sighed and sighed

"I completely understand, I needed to be brought back to earth!" He said and drummed his fingers on his guitar. I tilted my head and sighed at him

"Could you maybe play something?" I asked, he grinned and nodded and began to sing softly whilst running his fingers against the string, 'you said girl you got a dream, got to make them see you where meant to be, this is real far from a fantasy.' I couldn't help myself, Hunter's mum used to sing this all the time it was easy to pick up on it, I hummed along and eventually began singing. Hunter paused and watched me

"You have a really nice voice." I blushed stupidly. I knew I had a good voice I had even been offered a scholar to a expensive school but that would involve leaving mum alone, there was really no choice in leaving!

"Would you like to do something today?" Hunter asked, I blinked and grinned

"That would be great!" I said, he grinned and said see you and left. I decided shower first.


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