Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


12. A night to rember

Luckily for all of us Gail was the first to learn to drive so she drove us their in her sports car, with the roof closed! We reached Maria's house. She was stood out the front in a hideous red dress with two over large sleeves and a golden necklace

"Oh, hi, Jennie? Welcome, enjoy the party." She said, I blinked and frowned 

"Juliet, and oh we will." I answered, something sparked up inside me. Maybe it was when Hunter, Hart and Cameron turned the corner and they looked stunning. Each dressed in cotton blouses and smart jeans or smart trousers. I almost gasped, but the others dismissed them and noticed some other boys that neither of us knew, giggled and Gail and Lizzie took off to go and mingle.I laughed and turned to Maggie who was watching a tall brown haired boy with faded blonde highlights, Rebecca laughed and pointed to a muscularly boy with a strong chin, but my eyes followed Hunter. 

"I need to, go." I said and took off although neither of them noticed but then again I didn't wait for an answer. I rushed through the party and reached where they were, no Elise. 

"Oh, hey Hunter." I said worriedly. He eyed me up and down and then grinned clearly impressed.

"Hey Juliet." Hart's eyes widened. I grinned and did a little half wave. He turned around and blinked a few times and then came over 

"Would you like a drink?" He asked, Cameron laughed half-heartedly and looked away as if this was awkward. I looked at the jerk that stood in front of me, holding a glass.

"Yeah, thanks." I said and pulled the one out of his hand, drained the liquid that sent adrenaline rush throughout me, and slammed the glass down on the side. Hart clasped my wrist as I turned away "Let me go, Hart." I said turning away from him, his hand ran up the side of my hip. Something which no boy had done before, I shivered at his soft touch and pulled away from him "Do you always have to be told twice, because your that stupid?" I said, Hunter laughed. Hart swelled up and aimed for a hit at my face, but I dodged and kneed him in a very painful place and he toppled over 

"Boys don't hit girls." I said loudly, the room went silence apart from the echoing tunes that screeched around us. I laughed and flicked a perfect blonde curl over my shoulder and strutted out.


I danced with more people than I can recall, but nobody really made me want them. It all became to much and I could hear the clock chime ten o'clock. I pulled away from my most recent dance partner and looked at Maggie who was with the brown-haired boy named Joel. They looked adorable together and winked at her. She laughed in my direction and sent me a grin. Lizzie was dancing with a group of people from her Drama classes and they where having a wonderful time, Rebecca and Gail where nowhere insight. I took off into the garden. It was busy out there but a lot less than inside. I saw a figure behind the shed and followed hoping it was someone I knew, alone. Luckily it was just Hunter.

"Elise not here?" I asked, he jumped at my appearance but didn't tell me to go away, so I sat next to him on one of the up turned crates. He sighed

"She claims she had to go and see family, so I told her I wasn't coming," He said, I blinked at him confused, but he hadn't finished "but Hart and Cameron talked me into it and I arrived here and Elise was here with some friends and well, a guy." He said and winced. I blinked and watched him

"She cheated on you?" I demanded, Hunter flinched and shook his head

"No." He denied it and took a long lasting drink out of his can, I took it off him,

"You can't drown your sorrows in Alcohol." I said and frowned and then took a long drink of the fizzing, rushing liquid. "But we can try!" I teased, he laughed and then winced as though it was all to much. I stood up, he watched me

"Why do I love her?" He asked, I was stunned and thought of Elise. Two years ago me and Elise had been best friends and then it all went wrong.  

"I don't know." I said softly. He stood up and we where so close that I could almost hear his heartbeat 

"Why don't I just give up?" He demanded. I sighed and watched his dancing eyes and then the music started. I took his hand softly in mine he removed it but looked like he longed it to stay. I watched him and then picked his hand up again and laced it through mine, he waited seconds and then placed one hand softly on my hip and we leaned it and rocked very slowly to the music. Our bodies pressed together 

"You look lovely tonight, Juliet." Hunter whispered, I felt my self chill and then I breathed softly 

"I know." I whispered. He turned me and twirled me, he picked up the the can and drank from it. I paused and took it out of his hands and drank some it as well, the alcohol went to my head making me spin and become unsteady. It was like a full on rainstorm, but I knew it wouldn't get me far. We were close but not close enough so you couldn't see what I was thinking of! 

"Take away the pain." Hunter whispered. I watched his eyes and then drew in his arms locked around me in a protective grasp. 

"Your a bad idea," I whispered a little breathless, but some how this wasn't amount of alcohol I had tonight this was something different. I locked my fingers in his hair and watched the house lights behind me go wild as my lips touched his. 

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