Secrets Should Stay Secrets: Unknown World

An unbelievable realistic love story that centres the story of a teenager with bullies, parent issues and boyfriend problems but yet some how Juliet life doesn't seem real, when she discovers some secrets that should remain, well, secrets everything doesn't really go to plan. But that's what life is about, nothing going to plan?


1. Facing up


I sucked in a deep long lasting breath, I was going to face her, Elise Height. I stood my fingers sweating as I clutched my backpack worriedly. My feet felt nervous as I hovered on the spot

“Hey, Juliet, what’s wrong?” I almost jumped out of my skin as Maggie came up behind me, she rested her cold long slender hand on my back. I breathed and nodded

“Nothing, of course.” I lied, she didn’t look convinced. So I shot her my best reassuring look and nodded “I am fine. Don’t worry about me.” I said, she watched me carefully her eyes squinted but she didn’t pester me any more. I sighed and binned all of my lunch, Lizze caught my arm and looked me in the eye

“What are you going to do, Juliet?” Lizzie asked me, I hesitated and bit my lip not wanting to tell them the truth. So I decided I would try and confess

“I need to do something important.” I said and pulled myself to my feat wobbling uneasily as I turned around a west-ham hurricane rushed over to me almost spinning me off my feet, Bella clutched me tight and hugged me. I hadn’t really know Bella for that long, well ever since I came into the school last Spring, I didn’t think she even knew my name. But word got around and she looked out for me, she was a pretty girl with wispy blonde hair that hung down her face which was normally heavily coated with makeup. She wore a sparkling black vest top and a leather jacket with black jeans and pumps, she looked very interesting indeed were as I on the other hand had decided to stick to the basics, I was wearing blue jeans a plain navy vest top that had a rope strap and an old shirt that I had cut to fit my slender figure.


I hugged her back, and she caught my sleeve and tugged me very slightly away from my group of friends, her eyes were blank with furios worry. I decdied it must be about Elise,

“She spoke to me earlier, she doesn’t like me being friends with  decdied it must be about Elise,

“She spoke to me earlier, she doesn’t like me being friends with you.” Bella whispered, afraid to be overheard. I watched her carefully and bit my lip like I normally did when I was worried. But Bella shook her head “I don’t know what to say, Juliet!” Bella said worriedly. For some reason, I felt like I should tell Bella what I was about to do, to let her know before hand. So I began speaking

“I am going to speak to her, she needs to understand what is wrong with her doing this.” I said it a lot more bravely that I honestly felt. I bit my lip again and watched Bella. She reacted slowly and tilted her head to aside

“You and Hunter would suit each other.” She said softly. I blushed a bright red and had to look away so nobody noticed and shook my head and turned to Bella

“Lets not going around saying that, okay?” I said slightly annoyed. But Bella didn’t sense it, her friend Gracie was approaching us, she caught my arm and nodded

“You’ll be fine, don’t worry about it. Just tell her how you feel, use me as back up, okay?” She said reassuringly. I nodded and seized my chanced to leave, I pushed my bag higher on my back and headed off in the direction towards the sheds. 

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