a five year old getting bullied.


1. bullied




I'm getting bullied again.

I don't know why, I don't know when.

I just know why.

I just cry and cry.

I told my teachers,they don't care.

There like a hunter after a hair.

They call me names like ugly and fat.

Smelly,stupid and ears like a bat.

They push, punch and pull my hair.

It's not nice.

It's just not far.

They say it is ,it's a way of life.

But I think of how to die,by hanging or by knife.

My parents do'nt know what happening to me.

 I just want to be gone, I want to be set free.

The teachers think I'm just a mown.

I have no-one ,Im on my own.

My name is Billy I'm five years old.

I'm good enough and not that bold.

The teachers hate me, I'm slow in school.

I'm a nerd and uncool.

People think I am a fool.

So, to everyone out there ,how would you feel.

Bullying is not fake, it's most-certainly REAL!!

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