The Lucky one - [1D]

Den 19 år gamle Ever, flytter til London for at få sit drømme job, at være danse lære på en danse skole. Men hvad sker der mon da hendes første elever dukker op? måske sker der noget, der for Ever til at tage hjem, men hvem's skyld er det nu at Ever endnu engang må bukke under for andre?


1. Ny dag, nyt job, nyt liv - Kapitel 1

Da jeg havde skrevet noget af denne historie i forvejen (før jeg vidste at jeg ville publicere den) er den på engelsk. Jeg håber ikke  at det skræmmer nogen væk, fra at læse den. Jeg vil meget gerne have respons på den:-) håber i kan lide den og jeg undskylder for stavefejl på forhånd - Nyd den!


Your Pov.  (Pov. = point of view)

Today was the worst day in my life, it was one of those days you just had to get through and move on.  I was moving to London, but it was for good I’ve got a job as a dance-teacher, so I was doing what I loved. But moving to London also meant saying goodbye to my friends and family, and start a new life. I loved my family so much so it was very hard to say bye and I also considered to just staying here in Liverpool, but NO! I had to do this…

When I said goodbye to everyone, I went to the taxi and drow away, to a new city, new life and lifestyle and a new job! When I got to my new apartment I unpacked some things and took a long shower. I was already starting working tomorrow so I went early to bed.

My phone rang at 7 am, I was supposed to meet at 8 am so I had to get up and do my makeup.

I put on casual clothes that I could dance in. then I saw at the clock and rushed out the door. When I got to the address the management gave me I was standing in front of another building that looked like a random apartment. But as I got to the room I was suppose to be in, it was totally different.  It was a big ballroom whit mirrors on one side of the walls. It was very big and light. I was all alone in the big room. I was told that my “students” was some boys that needed some choreography for a concert or something like that. So I started making some warm-up exercises to some music I brought whit me. I turned my face whit front to the wall whit no mirror on. I didn’t like looking at myself when I was dancing, I thought it looked bad.

 It was half past nine, so there was about 10 min. until my “students” came. I got totally forgot time when someone came in. First I didn’t know  because I was looking the other way, and I couldn’t see them in the mirror as I was dancing the other way.

1o min. earlier:

 Louis pov.

Me and the boys were going to get a dance lesson; we thought it was kind of silly. Us? Dance? At stage? Without looking silly? I don’t think so, but we had to go. So we went to this new place, which nobody knew about, so there were no fans when we needed to focus.

We got to this random place and at first we thought that we were wrong, but Simon said it was here. We went upstairs and I just went in the room, without knocking on the door. And then I saw this wonderful girl that was dancing. I stopped and watched in about 5 sec. until Zayn pushed me in the room. It was strange because all the boys became quiet, when they got in. It was like we all could watch the stranger dance.



Your pov.

I was still dancing, and I haven’t notice the boys at all. Just until I made a pirouette and stopped in the middle, I got a shock because I didn’t know they were here. I gasped, and then I walked over and stopped the music. I didn’t know what to say. Suddenly the boys started clapping. They all started smiling at me. It made me go shy.

“Hello” I started. “I’m sorry I didn’t notice you “

“That’s okay” One of the boys answered. He was good looking, and then I found him so familiar. When I looked at the boys more they all seemed familiar.

“You are really good, no not good you are an amazing dancer!” he continued.

“Thanks, I’m Ever and I’m your teacher today, even though I thought you were younger”

“Oh, emm… okay. Hello Ever I’m Louis” the boy whit the striped T-shirt said.

“I’m Harry” the boy beside him said. He had beautiful curly hair.

“I’m Nail” the blond boy said.

“I’m Zayn” the boy whit black hair said.

“And I’m Liam” the last boy said. 

I tried to put one thing I could remember each name on.

Louis smiled at me, and I smiled back.


Louis pov. 

Ever was so beautiful.  I was totally blown away; I thought I might be love at first sight. But I was afraid of if she didn’t like me, but we only just met, I thought. And as soon as she started dancing… OMG she was even more amazing, and I had to say she was really, really beautiful. But that was only a bonus. She showed us many simple dance moves we could use on stage. Then she started smiling at me and sending me ‘the looks’ I was about to believe in that she might be flirting whit me.

Harrys pov.

We all saw that Louis was going for her and that we should stay away.  She told us that we were going to have some background dancers, and that we all were going to be the ‘judgers’ at the completion. She asked if we wanted to see the dance the participants was going to learn so we had something to compare to. We all wanted to see her dance, so we all said yes.

Your pov.

I was going to show the dance that I had in mind. I was a bit nervous because I had flirted a little, or a lot with Louis and now I turned shy, again. But when the music started my instincts took over and I danced very okay. I told them to say if there was anything the wanted to add or remove anything. They didn’t say anything they just sat there with open mouth. I started giggle when I saw there reaction.

Louis pov.

Her dance was fast, sophisticated, cool, chill, sexy, everything... She made some in between things that was incredible. And I couldn’t say anything. The only thing I wanted to right now was to kiss her even through I didn’t really knew her, just kiss her. She laughed a little, because we didn’t move.

“OMG that was amazing” I said with no words. 

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