The Key to Freedom

I woke up after being knocked out and I was on a tiny island. All there was there was an abandoned cottage, a flock of seagulls and some really spooky noises. Read these diary enteries to find out how I got off that spook ridden island.


2. The Voice

23rd June 2010

I am really hungry and freaked out. Hungry because I haven't eaten in a day and a half and freaked out because a voice that came out of nowhere started speaking to me.

I was walking round the island trying to find some berries or other food that might grow on bushes when I heard a voice

"Child, get off my island or you will die. This island is cursed!" The voice said. I then asked,

"How do I get off, is there a way?" The voice soon replied,

"The key is the only way, the key." I was so confused so I asked,

"Where does the key lie?" There was a rumble then a scream, a scream so horrific that it could deafen you.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Child you have asked one question already how dare you push your luck. You have to find the key yourself. I will give you one clue though. 'To find the key that shall set you free, follow the gull's eyes if you dare try.' That is all I can say to help." Then she was gone. I was left alone again with the gulls. It was the scariest moment of my life! What did she mean about following the gulls eyes to set me free.


I just had a brain wave. She means the gulls look to where the keys hide. So to get out of here I just need to find that key. Well it will give something to do to take my mind of the hunger. Luckily there is water as we are on an island - surrounded by water.

I forgot to mention earlier about my first night in the cottage. I was great really. I slept like a rock. I had to wait a while before sleep came though because I couldn't stop thinking about food. I haven't really ever gone without food for more than one day.

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