The Key to Freedom

I woke up after being knocked out and I was on a tiny island. All there was there was an abandoned cottage, a flock of seagulls and some really spooky noises. Read these diary enteries to find out how I got off that spook ridden island.


3. The Key

24th June 2010

I found the key! It was on the roof of the cottage inside the chimney. I noticed the birds were always looking at the roof of the cottage so I looked there first. I was very lucky because I almost fell off the roof when I slipped on one of the loose tiles. I slipped onto the chimney and I just happened to inspect it before I got up. I saw something shiny so I reached in and grabbed it. I have the key and tomorrow's job is to find where to put it and get off this island!

Last night's sleep was the same as the night before but I got to sleep a bit faster because I was so tired!

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