The Key to Freedom

I woke up after being knocked out and I was on a tiny island. All there was there was an abandoned cottage, a flock of seagulls and some really spooky noises. Read these diary enteries to find out how I got off that spook ridden island.


5. Home


I am writng before I go home because I am not exactly sure where this portal/door will take me. I hope it takes me straight home! Wish me luck.


I am back home luckily. I opened the door and there was my room. I shut the door then opened it again and the wierd island was gone. There is no evidence left. It was as if it were all a dream. I tried to explain to my parents where I was but they didn't believe a word of it. They thought I went to the activity camp which they said I couldn't go to. I am grounded for two months.

I showed them the diary but they said I was making it up to get out of trouble. Well I can't force them to believe me. It will just be me and you who know the truth. It can be our little secret.

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