we used to be so close, Now its back to the way we started. STRANGERS.


1. alone

"Do you guys wanna go out tonight" im not hopeing for an answer i know exaclly what Lilly and Jess are doing. "Sorry me and Jess are going out on a doubble date with Josh and Derek, can we take a rain check for next week". I knew it, ever since jess started dating josh and Lilly Derek they never hang out with me anymore, "sure guys, its alright, i have to be home early anyway" of corse thats a lie, but what can one do while being a total loner, when all her friendsher boyfriends and she dosnt.  So as a loner i am , i start walking away, alone, through a forest, at 8, in september. Hmmmm where did i hear that before, wasnt it that horror movie, you know where the girl dies, oh shizzle, forgot the title. 

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