Teddy bears

The life of a teddy bear.


1. The story.

I was made like all the other teddies, in a factory. Not much love to find there. I was shipped off to a bookstore and bought by Jim, a dad to a little girl. Jim wrapped me up in some gift paper, and gave me to his daughter, Lydia, as an apology gift. He had left for a business trip  for a week and then stayed there a month, missing her birthday.

Jim and Lydia's mom, Trish, had problems. They would argue and yell, and sometimes it would escalate into fights. I remember once Jim hit Trish right in front of Lydia.The poor little girl ran up the stairs, grabbed me and hid under the bed. She started sobbing. Her parents kept arguing for about an hour until we heard three loud bangs, someone screamed and there was a laughter. Within two minutes the police arrived, Lydia and I could hear they were talking to her dad. A nice police lady came up the stairs and found Lydia. She told her what had happened, her mom was dead, her dad shot her. They brought Lydia into foster care, and she didn't bring me. Jim was sentenced to life, so his mom came to clean out the house and sell it. I was put in the goodwill bag.


I stayed at the good will store for about six months.But one say a poor mother, Fanny, bought me for her little Jack. Jack was one of the most kindest, caring and selfless people I have ever met. Jack grew older, and we had bunches of good times. When he was fifteen he got his first girlfriend. Her name was Emma and she was really sweet. Jack gave me to Emma as a  gift. Emma took good care of me, she would cuddle me, and tell me of all her problems. But one day she come home crying. She hugged me tight and sobbed for hours. Finally she told me what happened. Jack was dead. He was shot by some kid who thought it was fun to bring a gun to school.After that day things changed. Emma wasn't that happy with me anymore, and one day, she sent me off to some organisation that gives toys to kids in foster care. Right before she handed me over she hugged me, said she was sorry, but I reminded her too much of him and she needed to move on.


Right away I was sent to a pretty house, one with a white picket fence and a cute little dog. And there, living in that house with Lydia, I was finally back with her. She was seventeen now, almost out of the system, so really it was pure luck. But she remembered me, and she cried when she saw me. She kept me, even after she moved out. Until she got children. When her first child was born, I was given to her. I couldn't have been happier.

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