The island

When Rhia is the only survivour on a island after a terrible tsunami, she finds outs theirs someone else their too, a guy, but will he help her or kill her?


1. 24th may, i think

Someones here. A guy, i dont know if it is a guy it might be a girl or a boy. But i imagine it as a he. But this is weird, i though i was the only one left on the island, i tried to swim away, but it was no use. Everytime i tried, the waves were too big, and the next island is too far away, whic is also deserted, so it would be no use. By my calculations i would get to the next island whith people in it, in like 3 years. I tried but it was no use, i just learnt to adapt to my enviroment and work here. At first the silent was horrible noone to talk to, but now, now its peaceful.

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