I wrote a story when I was in year 9 but now i have taking a crack at rewriting that same story completely.
Story of a girl who lost her mother at a young age and decides between two guys who she likes and between two dreams/hobbies she loves in order to have one perfect future.


1. Sun Rise


Today I say goodbye to my beloved city, New York. Goodbye to the luminosities that sparkled and highlighted the heavens, to the wafting smells of freedom and exhilaration. New York; the city of lights, hope, dreams and a bright future, my home and now the glass mirror that exposed me my future, has shattered into a million fragments. This monstrosity occurred after the death of my mother, an even worse occurrence. She died in her sleep after suffering for many years with cancer; she looked like an angel, at peace after the agony the demons inflicted in her body.  I was young when she died, I didn’t understand the reasons as to why she would cry in the middle of the night or why she spent many days slumbering in her bedroom. It has been seven years since that fateful day, and now I am to leave the home where I was raised, not only that but now my father and I leave my mother. Father says we were lucky to stay here as long as we did, but not without the burdens that were imposed on us. After her death, he resorted to alcohol and would be drunk almost every other night, leaving me to take care of us. Sure, I was a kid when this happened, and I shouldn’t be taking care of my own father. But what else could I do?


The storage vans parked outside our apartment, eager for our departure. But my heart does not what to leave this place. I look out the window and watch the sun peak over the horizon of the towers and buildings. Since my mother’s death, every morning I would wake up early and sit in her room and watch the sun rise.  It was her favourite time in the entire day, and I felt obligated when she was sick to watch it with her, to lay in her arms and listen to her sing a lullaby. Father says I torture myself by continuing on without her, but I just ignore it. Because of her, I love watching the sun rise over New York, seizing the beauty of the city.

I spun to look at her bed, I could still see when she had rested, her hair sweeping across the pillow with her eyes gazing towards the window of which I am now stood. I only wish she was here still, she was my angel and protected me from the evil in this world, now I am alone without her. I have carried on the torch of her legacy, since my father obviously can’t. 


“Eliza! Come on we have go to!” he shouts.

“I can’t. I can’t leave my home surely” I mumble under my breath while tracing my fingertips the markings on the wall, marking my height from the age of one till I was twelve. The last account was made on ‘November, 12th’, three months after I had turned twelve and-

“The day before she was gone” interrupting my thoughts, my father had walked into the room, I could only assume to see what was preventing me from leaving as promptly as he had wanted to. He strolled behind me, resting his hands on my shoulders and gently rested his head on mine.

“We both miss her, I know” he spoke softly “But she wouldn’t want us to endure more pain than we already have”

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