Sky's the limit

Sky is a typical 12 year old girl. She goes to an all girls school, has an annoying older sister and has a the best BFF! However her dad left her and her family to go and live in America. What will happen?


1. The tomato T-shirt

" oops"

"What do you mean oops!" Carol shouted at me starring at the tomato sauce smeared down her favourite liluc t-shirt she got for her 14th birthday ," this may not come out Sky!"

A small smile appered on my face.

"It's not funny. You have to buy me a new one!"

"You can't do that. It was an accident! And anyway you never replace anything you broke, distroyed or lost that belonged to me!" It was true Carol had never replaced anything! Like the time she borrowed my I-pod and 'accidently' lost it.Or when she broke my mirrior. And the one time she turned all our clothes pink when she was trying to prove to mum she was ready to do the laundry.

"Right!" Carol was red in the face as red as the tomato smeared on her t-shirt ," I'm telling mum." Carol ran into the sitting room and I went after her!

We found mum slouched on the sofa flicking through all the channels on the TV.

"Mum Sky poured tomato sauce down my new top."

She didn't reply. To be honest I didn't think she really cared. She ws still upset about dad leaving us to go to America. We were going to go to but mum liked it here in London and refused to go so dad went without us. So mum's been upset latly.

"I said Sky poured tomato sauce down my new top!" Carol said for the second time. Mum didn't look.

"Stop telling fairy tales Carol. I'm sure my little baby Sky wouldn't do such a thing." She didn't take her eye's off the TV.

"But..." But mum stopped her mid-sentence

"Carol! Stop being such a baby and leave me in peace so I can watch Eastenders!" So Carol slumped off not saying another word, dabbing at her tomatoy t-shirt.

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