Man killed the earth and other poems


1. Man killed the earth

It was mid morn' and the chickens said hello.
Birds, in swarms, flew past my bedroom window.
There was no human voces.
No sounds came from man.
Just how I like it.
When the nature understands.
I love all thy animals.
From small critters to cats.
From beetles and from elephants and every bird and that.
The blossoming hills stood tall.
And the sun shone bright and new.
Everything was a wonder.
Everything, but you.
When you came along you killed the land.
Melted the ice and ruined the sand.
Hurt the animals and hunted them for your need.
Used up the sources like the plants and the trees.
We use them for our paper.
When we can just use scraps.
We can live without this.
Without running taps.
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