Alone on the carpet

When sarah wakes up she realises that she has been shrunk to the size of a pin head. her family have forgotten her and, with no idea how this has happened or how she can reverse it Sarah is forced to venture out into the world of "The carpet" Where vacuum cleaners can destroy whole villages and feet can squash counties


3. The minor lizeth ii

Sarah had been walking for what seemed like hours. She couldn't tell. still the landscape was covered in blue powder;still her view was obscured by those horrible spiky blue stalks.

 The dust had triggered her asthma, making her increasingly wheezy. She just had to find water soon. As she trudged on Sarah noticed an oddly shaped stick. There were two protuding "branches" near the bottom and the tip appeared to have been cut right off. With a sinking feeling in her stomach, she realised that it was distinctly familiar. There was no doubt about it, she was right back where she had started.

Out of sheer frustration she kicked the stalk, a deluge of blue powder rained down upon her, this brought on such a violent fit of coughing that it was not untill she had straitened up, eyes streaming, that Sarah heard the voice.

"That is not; a good idea" It squeaked. She spun round and found herself face to face with a tiny wizened old man floating cross - legged in the air. He had a short wispy beard, extremly large ears, and unlike the rest of the carpet, he was a bright red colour.

Despite the stern gaze of this queer creature Sarah almost burst out laughing. He looked so funny just sitting there, and it was such a relief to see something that was not blue.

"The hairs always find a way to get back at you" his face reprimanding.

"I'm sorry.. but who are you??"

"Who am I?. I am none other than Cadbry  leader of the most great and wondourus tribe : lizi ii  , and you; are trespassing on our camp." He was thought Sarah a very pompouse and overbearing little thing, it would probably best just to walk away........

He was a queer little creature, he had now taken out some sort of pipe. It was only when the dart thumped into her chest that Sarah realised what it had been..............



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