Alone on the carpet

When sarah wakes up she realises that she has been shrunk to the size of a pin head. her family have forgotten her and, with no idea how this has happened or how she can reverse it Sarah is forced to venture out into the world of "The carpet" Where vacuum cleaners can destroy whole villages and feet can squash counties


6. The lands of the carpet

Liza led her up to the top of a small hill, it was a hard climb in the hot dusty air and by the time they reached the top Sarah was wheezing again; but the veiw was to be compared with no other..

The whole pattern of the carpet was layed out before her eyes, red, blue purple, green, orange for as far as the eye could see (well Sarah had insisted on the patchwork carpet rather than her mom's suggestion of a sensible beige...) "See that?" called Liza from a little further up

"What, the red patch???"

"Yep, that's the land of red, where we come from, and over there is the land of orange, the best weavers come from there. The greens are farmers; and we, the people of the red, are warriors."

"Oh I see" Coughed Sarah " every patch on the carpet has only one trade that they specialise in. I suppose you swap??

"No!! of course we don't trade with them, Occasionally aliances are formed but they never last long, we have more than one trade, there are red farmers and weavers, but only the warriors are honored.

"Wouldn't It be better if you all colaberated,??...."

"Maybe but this is the way things are and we're not willing to change them, not even for you!" Liza made as if to leave, "Wait!" cried Sarah "you still haven't told me how this has anything to do with me and the other prisoners...."

"The other prisoners are those from other lands that we found tresspasssing on our land; you are different because you have no colour. We think that you are the one prophecied to lead us to victory over the other tribes, but with all this talk of collaberation and sharing I see that I was mistaken!!"

Her face was twisted in disgust as she turned and ran back down the hill to the camp her long plaits swinging. just minutes later a group of guardsmen appeared, they wrapped strips of leather around Sarah's wrists and ankles Imobalising her as they bore Sarah of back to the camp.........

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