Alone on the carpet

When sarah wakes up she realises that she has been shrunk to the size of a pin head. her family have forgotten her and, with no idea how this has happened or how she can reverse it Sarah is forced to venture out into the world of "The carpet" Where vacuum cleaners can destroy whole villages and feet can squash counties


7. Slave ship

Liza tried to hold back the tears, she had had no choice. The sarah girl could have ruined everything... cadbry was right she couldn't be trusted... All the same it had felt wrong just dumping her in with the other slaves, What if she was the prophecied one, a different path to victory. No. Liza shook her head, clearing it of thoughts, there could be no other way, they were the people of the red. They could never sink to compromise....

Sarah kicked and struggled in vain against her captors as they dragged her towards the camp, how could liza have ordered them to take her?? She hadn't done anything. Sarah slumped and allowed herself to be thrown unceremoniously into the prisoner's tent. What was the point? there were five of them and only one of her, besides she had nowhere to run to....... 




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