Alone on the carpet

When sarah wakes up she realises that she has been shrunk to the size of a pin head. her family have forgotten her and, with no idea how this has happened or how she can reverse it Sarah is forced to venture out into the world of "The carpet" Where vacuum cleaners can destroy whole villages and feet can squash counties


2. Realisation

The spare room? what was happening? This was her room wasn't it? Everything in it belonged to Sarah McAllen. That; at any rate, she was sure of. 

Look there were her books on the shelf, and those horrible school photos dad had made her frame. But as she looked around, Sarah saw that everything that had once made her room hers had seemingly vanished into thin air. The desk was clear, and the bedside table was free from it's usual layer of tissues and books. She sniffed and smelled disenfectant and clean starched linen, not the usual stuffy odour of deoderant and cat.

Had everybody forgotten her? How could they have? How had she shrunk? why her? Was she dead? Or just dreaming????

Ouch! Sarah realised that she had been leaning on something slightly sharp - she had cut herself. Surprised she quickly snatched her hand away and sat up hurredly. It took a while to realise where she was.. tall stick like things stuck up out of the ground. they were pointy and bright blue. The ground was the same shade but was coarser and seemed to be almost woven together. It was coated thinly with a powder blue dust. But apart from this the landscape had no features at all.

She was in the carpet!!

Well, thought sarah grimly, one way is as good as any other.and i must find some sort of shelter by nightfall. So she set of in what she hoped was a straight line, taking note of any unusually bent blue "plants" that she passed. making sure that her journey did not just take her around in one large circle




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