Blue Sunrise

A young woman's search for love.


5. Chapter Five

It was in the early hours of the morning that my phone rang waking me up. Groaning I rolled out of Ruben’s arms and grabbed the phone.

“Hello?” I said sleepily into the speaker as I made my way through to the living room.

“Elyse!” The voice was so loud that it nearly deafened me.

Wincing, I went out to the balcony. The cold night air tugged at my silk nightdress like an insistent lover. “Who is this?”

“It’s Alec. Where are you? I didn’t see you at the club.” From the way he was shouting and the slight slur to his speech it appeared Alec was drunk.

“Alec, you do know that it’s nearly three in the morning, right?” I sighed, wondering how he had gotten my number, but then I realised that I had given it to Alec the second time he had walked me home.

“Is it? Shit, I’m so sorry. Were you asleep? Harry, you are soooo dead!”  

Rubbing my tired eyes I asked, “So why are you calling?”

“Oh that’s right I nearly forgot.” Alec laughed and then hissed something to someone in the background. “We’re having a roast lunch at the house tomorrow and I was hoping that maybe you could come.” When I didn’t say anything Alec hastily added, “You don’t have to. You’ve probably already got other plans like modelling. How come you didn’t tell me you’re gonna be a model? It makes sense though because you’re b . . .”

The phone was snatched away from Alec and I found myself talking to Harry. “Hey, Elyse, how are you? Sorry about that, Alec had a bit too much to drink.” In the background I could hear Alec swearing and the sound of a struggle.

Crossing my arms against the cold I said, “Yeah, I figured.”

“Are you coming over for lunch then? Regina is cooking.”

“I’ll have a think about it. Where do you live?”

Harry gave me the address and told me to be there at half past twelve before hanging up. I stared at my phone in confusion. That had been weird. I was distracted from the phone call when muscular arms wrapped themselves around my waist and Ruben pressed his nose into my hair.

“What are you doing out here, baby?” He kissed my neck gently. “It’s freezing. Come to bed.” Ruben laced his fingers through mine and led me back to the bedroom.



Sitting in my Mercedes I gazed up at the house that Alec and his friends lived in. It was a detached two storey house made of light brown brick. The front garden was small and tidy with a flowerbed full of bright flowers and a birdbath.

I glanced at the bottle of red wine on the passenger’s seat and then at the clock set into the dashboard. I had been sat there for nearly ten minutes unable to bring myself to leave the safety of my car. Groaning I rested my forehead on the leather steering wheel. God I was pathetic. Maybe it was because Ruben wasn’t with me. He had received a call from his best friend Brett asking if Ruben wanted to play golf so I probably wouldn’t see him again until the evening. Or maybe it was because I was worried that by now Alec’s friends would know who I was and would treat me differently.

A knock on the window made me jump. Alec waved at me grinning, a box of beer tucked under his arm. I slid the window down.

“Hey, were you going to come inside?” he asked.

“Oh, I . . .” Biting my lip I nodded and grabbed the bottle of wine. I got out of the car and locked it.

Alec ran a hand through his dark hair suddenly uncomfortable. “I’m sorry about calling you last night. I err . . . I drank too much and . . .”

“It’s okay,” I said as we walked towards the house.

Owen, Fiona and Harry were sat in the living room when we got inside and greeted me warmly, giving no indication of knowing that I was Harrison Stoker’s daughter.

“Elyse?” Regina called from the kitchen.

Excusing myself I moved through to the small but homely kitchen. Regina was rushing around cooking our lunch.

“I’m so glad you came.” Regina hugged me, careful not to get her dirty hands on my clothes. “Would you mind giving me a hand?”

Nodding I smiled ever so slightly.

As I helped Regina dish the dinner out onto the plates she said, “Alec asked us not to say anything. I know Fiona is itching to talk about that fashion designer, you know the French one. Anyway, let’s serve lunch!”  



Lunch at Alec’s was actually pretty fun. Regina’s cooking was delicious and afterwards we played a board game. It was nice to spend time doing normal things with normal people. Ruben and I never did things like this. Occasionally we would watch a film or the TV together, but that was it.

I left Alec’s just as it was getting dark. I thanked everyone for having me over and drove home with a plastic container of leftovers. Ruben wasn’t back when I got to my flat so I had a bubble bath. I thought as I floated in the hot water. I had to sort out the modelling thing as soon as possible and buy a dress for my dad’s charity event.



It was after midnight and I was lying in bed when Ruben finally returned. Something smashed in the other room and I jumped in surprise. Clambering out of bed I opened the door. Ruben was stood, his clothes in disarray, over a broken bottle of champagne.

“Ruben, what are you doing?”

Turning at the sound of my voice he burst into a lopsided grin. “There she is!” he cried, throwing out his arms. Ruben swept me up into his arms and kissed me.

He tasted of alcohol and cigarettes.

“Put me down,” I said squirming in his grasp.

Chuckling, Ruben pressed his lips to my jaw. “Let’s go to bed, baby.” He started carrying me to the bedroom but I kicked his knee and Ruben dropped me. “Hey, what was that for?”

“Ruben, you’re drunk.”

“So what?” he asked trying to grab me again. “I haven’t forgotten where everything goes.”

Disgusted I pushed him away. “I am not having sex with you tonight.”

“Oh don’t be like that, baby.”

“Jesus, Ruben. We don’t have to have sex every night,” I said angrily.

Ruben clumsily yanked his shirt off. “Elyse, baby . . .”

“No! You’re sleeping on the couch tonight and if you try to get into bed with me I’ll call the police.”

Gaping at me in shock Ruben said, “You wouldn’t do that.”

“Yes.” I growled, walking back to the bedroom. “I would. Goodnight, Ruben.”

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