When Darkness Falls

What happens when your in a haunted forest when darkness falls? this is my thoughts.


1. Raven

It was a Sunday afternoon in October. A boy was seen walking. His name was Raven Roth. Dark brown eyes with golden flecks looked from windswept raven hair. His skin was a healthy pale. Red as rose lips hid bleach white teeth which love to nibble on his bottom lip. He had a swimmer build to him; lean and muscular. Usually he wore tops with gimmicks on them, but today he had worn a plain black top with skinny black jeans and worn sneakers. He was walking home on this particular evening. Walking, looking around at the houses, thinking about his day. He had woken up at his usual time, eaten breakfast and had left the house at 10. Next, he had gone to the park to walk around. That's all he did all summer, walking around. He didn't have many friends and the ones he had lived far away. Also, he didn't have a siblings, his dad had left long ago and his mum was never home. So to deal with the boredom he listened to music and painted. 

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