Officially 15

The unique leila Milling is finally fifteen and wants to forget some of the mistiakes she did when she was fourteen:
1) Her ex-best friend’s (Amy) boyfriend kissed her (Adam) and she found out (it didn’t mean to occur but she didn’t believe so they are not friends anymore)
2) Her angel, God-like boyfriend, Billy Mull, dumped her after he found out about the accidental kiss (I really regret this)
3) Leila got into a fight with Tilly Meer who is the most popular girl who is so pretty its dumbfounding; and now she as grasped Billy off her and everyone thinks they suit each other… except Leila!
Now how can she make up for her mistakes when she is a year older...


9. Saturday

Sorry for the long wait but school has started again so havent had a lot of time to upload a new chapter but hope you like it :)

The week flew like lighting. Nothing interesting happened, just seeing everyone settling into a new term. I spent more time with the Styles and constantly saw that couple kissing. I haven’t spoken to Adam or Amy. I feel really bad for what I have done and want to make amends with Amy (seeing that our friendship cannot go to waste.) But today is Saturday and I am going to the beauticians with Lydia and then go shopping to buy a whole new wardrobe of stylish clothes with stylish Lydia.

I woke up über early, full of excitement, for today’s schedule. I took a long, exhilarating shower, away in my world (thinking about Charlie and my shopping trip.) I was brought back to reality by my annoying sister; banging at the door.

“Take your time slow coach! Some people need to get ready to go somewhere important.”

“Yeah well for a fact I do too!” I replied back

“Oh like the library where the geeks and loners belong?”

“No, actually, I’m going shopping with a friend.”

“Oh my little sister got friends now?” My sister asked sarcastically

“Shut up!”

And at that I continued with my shower and got out of the bathroom only to find out lolly standing there.

“Oh thank Lord you finally finished!”

“Oh please bog off!”

I seriously need an en-suite!

 I wore a pink, short, lace skater dress (which was so cute!) with a rock denim jacket with my white Vans trainers. I applied some natural make-up, headed elatedly downstairs ready to have my breakfast.

“Oh someone’s happy today eh?” my dad said

“Yeah where are you going Leila” My brother Tommy asked

“Out with a friend to go shopping with my birthday money

“Oh don’t waste your money though okay?”

“as if!”


I ate my warm toast and after finishing my breakie I said goodbye to my family and walked to Lydia’s house. I knocked at their door and waited in anticipation but then the door open and the face I wasn’t expecting was Charile.

“Heyy how are you?”

“I’m fine thank you but I thought you went out with your folks?”

“Naa just thought I stay home.”


“What! You wanted me gone?” He said sarcastically

“No! “ I protested and my cheeks turned bright red but luckily I was saved by Lyds

“Stop that Chaz and anyway I and Leila are going shopping so you’ll have the house to yourself”

“Ohh I wanted you guys to stay… especially you Leila” he winked which made me blushed again

But at this we made our way to our fun shopping trip!


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