Officially 15

The unique leila Milling is finally fifteen and wants to forget some of the mistiakes she did when she was fourteen:
1) Her ex-best friend’s (Amy) boyfriend kissed her (Adam) and she found out (it didn’t mean to occur but she didn’t believe so they are not friends anymore)
2) Her angel, God-like boyfriend, Billy Mull, dumped her after he found out about the accidental kiss (I really regret this)
3) Leila got into a fight with Tilly Meer who is the most popular girl who is so pretty its dumbfounding; and now she as grasped Billy off her and everyone thinks they suit each other… except Leila!
Now how can she make up for her mistakes when she is a year older...


4. Rest Of The Day

The rest of the day went fine; with the usual, tedious lessons and the disgusting view of them again snogging

How many times do they have to do it in a day?

With me looking at Tilly in disgust, she catches my eye and smirks slyly knowing that I’m jealous.

Hell to the no. I’m not jealous of them


Even though there were some lows in my day (including Tilly), I made friends with one of the newbies, Lydia Style. She is so nice and kind and is super pretty with her long golden hair the glistens every day. Also she is confident and everybody likes her but she is not arrogant, unlike some people... you know who

Oh I wish I could be like Lydia

Her laugh is stunning when we were discussing about my past mistakes when I 14:

"Seriously, Leila Milling, you need to change and be taught on how to be cool but not fake."

"I know about that Lyds but I have no clue on where to start!" I pleaded urgently for something to happen.

"Well...," Lydia said while thinking of a solution, "I have a year voucher for another person and I to go to the Salon in Surbiton High Street every Saturday morning where we can get a makeover... so maybe you can come with me every Saturday?"

"YES!" I squealed in excitement, forgetting that I was in a French lesson with other pupils,

"Leila Milling! Can you keep you chit chat for after school and focus on French now?" My French teacher asked in fury due to my de-concentration.

I like French but I was bothered about it at this moment seeing that it was the second to last lesson of my first day back form half term

"Yes Mrs Moon I will focus on French." My cheeks turned bright pink after that scolding. Meanwhile everyone else was sniggering, especially tilly. I shot a nasty glare at her and she sent one back with equal hatred and turned back to hold hands with Billy. While I looked around the class to check if anyone was still laughing. But I locked my eyes with the peng boy to find he was looking at me the whole time. A wide grin formed on my face and he smiled back added with a wink. Due to that my cheeks turned pink again so I turned around to continue my conversation with Lydia.

"I mean sure I'd love to go with you and anyway I deffo need a makeover."

"Maybe a wild one." Lydia suggested with a devilish twinkle in her eyes

"No way I don't want that boy to think i'm weird, I want him to like me-" I stopped at that moment due to embarrassment while still gazing at him.

Why did I say that, now she will think I’m weird?

"You like my brother!" My good friend said in shock

"What! No I mean him" I said this while pointing at the fit guy who was writing down the work

"Yes that is my brother! Charlie Style!" She exclaimed in amusement

"Seriously" I wasn't really sure on how to think about this

"Yes the most annoying person I know and my close friend likes him!" She said this while laughing so hard that tears were pouring out. Fuming with rage and embarrassment I regretfully said, "But the hottest guy I have ever seen!" At by my statement Lyds laughed even harder trying not to pee herself.


The bell saved me informing us that it was the end on the lesson. I chucked my books and ran out of the classroom as fast as lightening and ran straight to history, which was my favourite subject.

Great why do I have a crush on my close friend’s brother! Kill me !







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