Officially 15

The unique leila Milling is finally fifteen and wants to forget some of the mistiakes she did when she was fourteen:
1) Her ex-best friend’s (Amy) boyfriend kissed her (Adam) and she found out (it didn’t mean to occur but she didn’t believe so they are not friends anymore)
2) Her angel, God-like boyfriend, Billy Mull, dumped her after he found out about the accidental kiss (I really regret this)
3) Leila got into a fight with Tilly Meer who is the most popular girl who is so pretty its dumbfounding; and now she as grasped Billy off her and everyone thinks they suit each other… except Leila!
Now how can she make up for her mistakes when she is a year older...


5. Last Lesson

I burst into the history classroom, exhausted after that long run from the other block of the school, not only to find that Mr Hansel (my history teacher) was already there.

“Well what a surprise? My top student is keen to come to my history lesson!”

“Well yeah I suppose so,” I half lied while chuckling to his statement. I went to a random seat until my teacher mentioned that he assigned us places. I sighed at this because I didn’t want to be allocated next to one of them (you know who). I waited in anticipation, for the rest of the class to come pouring in to the classroom and find out who I was sitting next to.


“Lydia Style next to Billy Coomes,”

Oh few he’s out of the way but poor Ldys having to sit next to a jerk. Let’s hope I’m not with Tilly.


“Tilly Handerson with…”

Not me please not me

“Skye Peers,”


Skye is one of the newbies who looks as mean as Tilly (now that’s something they got in common)                                                                                                                                                                    

But who am I with. If Katie is with the weird boy I am with…

“And last of all Leila Milling you are with Charlie Style.”


My eyes turned to my new partner and I was with the stunning guy! I gave a small smile at him trying to be friendly but he gave me the same smile with that cheeky wink; which made me blush.


I made a quick glance at Lydia who gave me a sarcastic ‘lucky you’ look. On the outside I looked annoyed to be put next to Charlie but inside I was screaming with joy.

Charlie was still staring at me when he sat down and said,

“Hey new partner”

Such a husky God-like voice (ahhh)

“Hi Charlie, I’m Leila.”

“I know our history teacher just said that”

I blushed for the tenth time meanwhile Charlie gave a small chuckle.

“What funny?” I asked with a small annoyance

Maybe Lyds was right about her brother.

“You’ve blushed every minute,” he said                                                                                        

“No I haven’t!” I lied

He chuckled hard but I confidently retorted back,

“And you have been watching me the whole time, huh?”

It was his time to blush and mine to laugh

Oh he still looked hot when he blushed

“Maybe” He gave me his signature wink again but this time I smirked.

“Well back to history kids, the person you are sitting next to are your partners for this terms project which will go to you GCSE’s. At this Charlie and I looked at each other, happy that we were partners.

Now you are on track Leila

After Mr Hansel explained the project and everybody got to work Charlie and I were prodding each other like 4 year olds while laughing.

“Leila Milling and Charlie Style can you two concentrate otherwise I will have to split you two up, do I make myself clear?” Mr Hansel said calmly

“Yes Mr Hansel” We said in unison and after that we worked so hard that we were ahead of everyone else. The bell rang for end of first day at school. We packed our stuff from the whole day and I walked home with the Styles seeing that they live near me.

Now that was an interesting first day at school J

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