Officially 15

The unique leila Milling is finally fifteen and wants to forget some of the mistiakes she did when she was fourteen:
1) Her ex-best friend’s (Amy) boyfriend kissed her (Adam) and she found out (it didn’t mean to occur but she didn’t believe so they are not friends anymore)
2) Her angel, God-like boyfriend, Billy Mull, dumped her after he found out about the accidental kiss (I really regret this)
3) Leila got into a fight with Tilly Meer who is the most popular girl who is so pretty its dumbfounding; and now she as grasped Billy off her and everyone thinks they suit each other… except Leila!
Now how can she make up for her mistakes when she is a year older...


6. Home

After arriving at home, closing the door, while watching my newbie friends continue to walk home, I sighed in happiness refreshing my mind with today’s events:

Made good friends with Lydia Formed a crush on Charlie Found out that Charlie is Lyds brother I am sitting next to Charlie in history and he is my partner in our project! The styles live on the road next to me And of course I couldn’t forget that I had to view them  snogging constantly

Eww (not a nice thought)

I just remembered that Lolly went to her friend’s house, my parents are working late tonight and Tommy went to a sleepover.

How come he gets to go to a sleep over on the first day back to school (that’s so not fair)

So that meant I had the house to myself for a couple of hours


I slipped into some snug tracksuit, to make myself feel comfy, and a Hollister top

They are popular these days

And switched the laptop on to check the latest updates on Facebook.


Hmmm nothing new except some more photos of Billy and Tilly together.

50 likes, Bloody hell.

I added a few people I knew, including the styles, when instantly I got a call from an unknown number.

“Hello?” I asked wondering who it was

“Hi is this Leila?” the voice asked

“Yes…” I replied still pondering who was at the other end of the receiver.

“Oh good cause it’s Charlie.”

CHARLIE! How did he get my number (probably from Lydia?)

I screamed like a child over the moon (in my head obviously.) It took me a few seconds to get the excitement out of my system.

“Err hello? Leila are you there?”

“Oh yes I am sorry… I was in my own world” I said quickly

Why did I say that? X_x

“Yeah it sounded like that. I bet you were thinking about me.” He said in a husky voice while chortling.

“No I wasn’t!” I denied and blushed so hard (luckily he couldn’t see me)

“Ha-ha okay I believe you” he chuckled again


“Well I was wondering,” he continued “do you want to meet up at Crescent Park in 15 minutes… I was quite bored at home alone seeing that Lyds went out with parents so I thought we could meet up?”

“I was bored too and sure see you there”

“Yeah Bye” he said

I hanged up and squealed as loud as I could

I was meeting up with Charlie

I quickly changed into some skinny jeans, wore a boyfriend cardigan over my top, put my old converses (to make me look casual) and applied my best make up (but I had to look good of course).

Before heading out I looked at myself in the mirror in awe. Oh I did look good in skinny jeans showing my long legs and the makeup emphasised my auburn hair and hazel eyes.

Stop looking at yourself and get to the hot boy!

At this thought I dashed out of the house and headed to the park to meet up with the gorge Charlie!  


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