Officially 15

The unique leila Milling is finally fifteen and wants to forget some of the mistiakes she did when she was fourteen:
1) Her ex-best friend’s (Amy) boyfriend kissed her (Adam) and she found out (it didn’t mean to occur but she didn’t believe so they are not friends anymore)
2) Her angel, God-like boyfriend, Billy Mull, dumped her after he found out about the accidental kiss (I really regret this)
3) Leila got into a fight with Tilly Meer who is the most popular girl who is so pretty its dumbfounding; and now she as grasped Billy off her and everyone thinks they suit each other… except Leila!
Now how can she make up for her mistakes when she is a year older...


7. At the Park

Sorry for the wait I had many things going on but I hope you like the chapter, it’s not very long (sorry about that) :) xx

As I approach Surbiton park, (it’s one of my favourite parks) I notice that Charlie is already sitting on a bench…the bench I always sit on. With this in my mind I sneak up on him and ask, “So this is your favourite bench eh?” I snort as well due to his fright when I came.

“Now it is.” He winked again

Will he never stop?

“Well, budge up I don’t want your big ass taking up the whole seat!”

He laughed at this and punched me lightly when I sat down. I punched him back however, a little bit harder. And as usual we began to act like little kids while laughing our heads off.

We stopped to catch our breath after our hysterics and continued with our previous conversation.

“So did you have a good first day at shawl high?” I asked

“Yeah, especially history,”

He winked but I just laughed,

“Yeah same it was-“

I stopped abruptly when I caught sight of a couple around our age kissing, holding hands, while walking towards us.


I took Charlie’s arm and dragged him out of the park all the way to Baskin Robbins ice cream.

We got our ice cream and started walking home but throughout that we were silent until Charlie broke the silence

“What was all of that about?”

Hmm I got some explaining to do… great!

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