In a moment

Just a little poem about a break up ;(


1. In a Moment


In a moment of rage

A tear trickles down my face

As I lash out and punch the brick hard;

All my anger must show

How I turned weak from one blow

My knuckles bleeding and scarred.


In a moment of despair

My hands grope on my hair

A wheezy breath comes before the flood;

A shriek of tears flow

I watch them as they grow

And mix with my hands pure red blood


In a moment of realistaion

I look to you for consultation

You could fix me, mend my broken heart?

But you just stand there still

Ignoring your mobiles trill

Thinking over things from the start


In a moment of regret

My forehead starts to sweat

Panicking for what woes of this will come;

Too much to say

Not enough hours in the day

No going back, whats done has been done


In a moment of calm

You reach for my arm

The last sight of me you dont want to miss

You hug me tight

Saying "youll be alright"

Leans forward and gives me one last kiss.

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