The City of Var Fae

I also posted this on but that website isn't quite as active as this website so yeah... Billie and Amelie are related, Billie is Amelie's Grandmother like 6 times removed. The chapters will be from both their perspectives, showing how although they live in different times, they are very similar and different people and they live in very similar yet different worlds. Billie is a queen from the very beginning of her time in the story, Amelie is just a secret princess from the very beginning of her time in the story. Whether Amelie becomes queen later on, I haven't decided yet. :D


2. 2- Amelie

At that point, Amelie just wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and cry until she was so drained of water that she just died. She'd opened up to the wrong person. This wasn't even a person. This was a dog. This dog was more interested in playing ball than listening to a teenage girl's sob story. No matter how important or special that teenage girl was.

Suddenly the wind blew in the other direction. Amelie's scent blocker had just worn off. The dog stiffened its limbs as Amelie's non-human scent hit him square in the face. The dog growled, but Amelie growled back louder and fiercer. The dog cowered to his approaching owner with his tail literally between his legs.

"That's a strange perfume you've got on there lovey, I don't think I've smelt that in 70 years, is it designer?"

Good Amelie thought. This strange old lady just thought the spicy scent was perfume. That was lucky.

"It's a homemade perfume, my gran taught me the recipe, it's traditional in my family."

That was only half a lie. Amelie's grandmother had given her a recipe for something but it wasn't the spicy smell. That was genetic. A spicy citrus-y smell that fills your nose, sets the hair on your neck on end and warms you inside.

"Is she from round here?"

"What?" Amelie snapped out of her reverie and started to get nervous. This woman was beginning to ask too many questions.

"Is your grandmother from round here? I just thought I might know her."

"Oh, sorry. Kind of near here, she lived in the woods near Leatherhead."

"Oooh, I grew up in Leatherhead. What's her name?"

"Everybody called her Ronnie but her full name was Aeron Morrigan Black. Grandaughter of Billiana Black."

"Young lady, that is a very cruel joke. Unless she really was your grandmother. No, I won't talk to you. Stay back. Stay away. Evil child. Burn in hell. Burn. Burn with the rest of your evil family."

The old lady scurried off screaming "Heathen!" with her dog in her arms.

That often happened when people found out what family she was from. Unless of course, they didn't know who her family was. Then it only happened when they found out what she was.

Amelie Acacia Willow Lamia Black was a Vampire Princess. Her distant cousin, Aaron Danbury was human and one of her best friends. Their mums, the Queen, of that time, of Vampires and the Queen's (officially) Lady in Waiting had bought a house together many years previous to hide out in until such a time as their family were no longer being hunted down. Amelie and Aaron were more like siblings and that is what the official human documents claimed they were. They were the youngest descendants of Billie and Casban and Amelie was practically the mirror image of Billie and Aaron the same of Casban. Like Billie, Amelie was very protective of those closest to her and was very dangerous, sometimes very vicious, if she was crossed. Aaron was very flirtatious and caring to those who mattered most to him. He wanted to hear everybody's problems so he could take care of them.

Their friends were Samantha Sullivan, Connie Thomas, Edmund Davies and Liam Frederickson. Edmund was secretly in love with Samantha and vice versa. Connie and Aaron, had been together since Year 11 Prom. Even though Liam had asked Amelie to Prom, Amelie had made him go with Connie because she didn't want one of her best friends to go alone. However, Liam spent the majority of the night being grumpy so Connie danced with Aaron until three in the morning and they'd been together ever since. Altogether they were good kids. Everyone went to Samantha if they were injured because she had taken every first aid course available to her. Connie was Sam's most frequent patient because, as a born witch, she got herself the most injured whilst trying out new dangerous spells. Everybody went to Connie if they needed 'magical' help. Everybody's parents went to Liam if something mechanical of theirs needed fixing. He was trying to save up for a '67 Bantam he wanted to fix up. Aaron was the one everyone went to if they needed a chat and often a hug, even the boys, though they wouldn't let Aaron tell the girls about that. They went to Edmund if they needed historical information or just general facts which might prove useful. However usually he would go to the rest of the group askign them information about their medieval ancestors, which proved very annoying eventually especially when he blackmailed them into answering questions before he would give his answers to their questions. Lastly, but not the least, if anybody needed physical assistance or just needed to scare somebody else off, they would all go to Amelie. Being as their group was considered the most 'weird' and 'geeky' of the entire school, that happened a lot.

Unbeknown to the group, all of their ancestors had been part of the Royal Court or Guard of Billie and Casban, except for Amelie and Aaron. Even less known to them, they would form the Royal Court and Guard of Amelie and her future husband. Only Lamia and Ruth, Queen and Lady in Waiting respectively, knew that they were to become the Doppelganger Court of the 21st Century.

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