The City of Var Fae

I also posted this on but that website isn't quite as active as this website so yeah... Billie and Amelie are related, Billie is Amelie's Grandmother like 6 times removed. The chapters will be from both their perspectives, showing how although they live in different times, they are very similar and different people and they live in very similar yet different worlds. Billie is a queen from the very beginning of her time in the story, Amelie is just a secret princess from the very beginning of her time in the story. Whether Amelie becomes queen later on, I haven't decided yet. :D


1. 1- Billie

Two men were walking through a forest. The forest was on the edge of the City of Var Fae. The forest was legendary for being filled with ancient races of Fairies and Vampires. The two men were in armour and their crests were very bright on their chest plates. They appeared to be talking about battle plans. Unbeknowing to the men, they were being followed by two women. Less did they know, one was to eavesdrop and kill them and the other was to protect them.

Suddenly on the path in front of the men, a lady appeared to land as if from flight a few feet away from them, not making any sound in her landing even though she had landed on a pile of dry leaves. The lady was most elegant and was in a long black satin gown which looked like robes. She had no shoes on her feet and an ivy crown on her head. The men jumped back, startled by this beautiful creature.

"Who are you?" the man on the left half-shouted in her face.

"I'm the vampire queen, Billiana Genevieve. I am trying to protect you. There is a fairy spy following you. Her job is to listen and kill, which means you should stop talking about private matters and stay alive. But we don't have time for this, if I tell you to run, you run, if I tell you to jump, you jump, understand?"

The men nodded, their jaws almost touching the floor in awe.

"But..." the man on the right began to stutter.

"No time, run" she hissed as she turned and grabbed their hands.

The spy appeared. She was in a short green dress that seemed to be made from leaves. There was a belt of daggers around her waist and a bow and quiver of arrows on her back. She stared angrily after the running party. BIlliana turned and snarled, a frightening, gutteral sound, as she bared her fangs.

The chase began.

The men kept falling over dead branches and rocks, but they needn't bother trying to run, Billiana was faster and stronger and was dragging them through the forest as she ran. Eventually, they reached the edge of the forest but there was a steep hill leading down to the city. The men automatically jumped on their stomachs and slid down but Billiana, she turned for one last snarl at the spy and glided down the hill on her feet. It looked beautiful, the way she glided. Then again all of her looked beautiful from the earnest expression on her face when she was explaining to the men, to the fierce stance she took on when she snarled. She certainly was the most beautiful female they had ever met, and very wise and strong and fast for someone so apparently young. They reached the bottom of the hill and bolted for the city doors. The spy had remained at the top of the hill. She looked angry, very angry, but could see there was no point in chasing them any further.

When they reached the doors, the gatekeeper wouldn't open them. The spy had gone from the top of the hill but they were still in grave danger outside the walls. Billiana was furious at not being allowed through the gate because she knew it was their prejudice against her as a vampire, no matter who the knights were. She grabbed the arms of the knights and flew over the city wall to the entrance of the castle. The guards wouldn't let them pass and threatened to keep them captive, still not realising who the knights were. Suddenly the doors opened from behind the wall of guards. A young man with a small beard, beady eyes and a warm smile told the guards to stand down, the king wanted to see the trio. The King was apparently intrigued by the vampire queen's efforts to save his knights after so much blood had been spilt between their people.

As the trio entered the throne room, the royal court, which filled the room, gasped. Most of them had never seen such a woman in such attire as Billiana.

The long black gown had slits in it, and sleeves that seemed to be pulled up to creaate a sleeveless, robed effect. She'd somehow acquired shoes, to shock the court a little less I imagine, but obviously she still caused some. Her rich, wine red hair was falling loose down her back with small plaits twisted up to make a very pretty fastening for her crown. Her eyes seemed enormous and as green as the evergreens in the forest they had just fleed from. The knights looked scruffy and hot after their vast amount of exercise. One was called Arturis, the other Casban. Arturis was very tall, athletically built and had a large, clean shaven face with sharp features set with thick, black, curly hair. He had piercing blue eyes which could stop your heart from beating if he looked at you in a certain way.

Casban was of a similar build but slightly shorter. He had a fairly small face, with soft features and kind brown eyes which would melt your heart in seconds. He had straight, blonde hair which had a sort of wispy effect even though it was quite thick too.

Casban also just happened to be the nephew of the King and sole heir to the throne after the late Queen's death, which was shortly after the death of their sickly newborn.

The King welcomed Casban with open arms and was surprised that he hesitated and looked towards Billiana first, noticing he didn't leave her side until she raised her eyebrows. She seemed surprised too. However when Casban reached his Uncle's arms he cried with happiness, repeating a mumbled 'she saved me, she saved us'.

The King turned to Arturis and told him to return to his quarters, then turned to the vampire queen who was still positively oozing power and indescribable levels of elegance. The King was obviously fascinated and awestruck.

"Why did you save them?" stuttered the King.

"Because they needed my help" Billiana said in a voice which somehow oozed more power and elegance.

"But why? After so much blood spilt between our peoples, why save the heir to my throne and his idiotic friend?" he squeaked in an almsot desperate voice.

"Because they needed my help," She repeated calmly "I was on my way here anyway to call for a truce between our kingdoms and somehow I thought it might be a little more useful if I save the next King and his friend".

The King was amazed by her matter of fact-ness which was exactly as Casban's godmother, who had been a vampire elder, had spoken...

"Your mother, she wasn't by any chance Evama Welmina was she?" The King quickly and nervously glanced at Casban as he spoke.

"Evamay Wilhemina. Ev-a-may Wil-he-mina."

The King gasped as he remembered a prophecy this goddess-like woman's mother had told. She seemed to understand because she nodded her head once towards him. He gasped again, unknowingly this time. She smiled slightly. He remebered this wasn't the first time she had saved the life of a royal human. She had saved the King himself once from being drowned by bandits from a far away human kingdom. It was back when he had been but a teenage boy though. He was now over seventy years old. And she was almost unchanged. Back then there was no crown, no black and sleeves.

The King's face suddenly looked gaunt and grey. He stumbled forwards.

"Protect him. Love him. Care for him as your mother did for me once" The old King whispered in her ear as he held the back of her neck and she held him by the arm to stop him from falling to the floor.

"I promise I will do everything in my power. From now until the day I die, our people will live in harmony and protect each other"

"Love him more" The King mouthed as he collapsed to the floor.

Moments later the bells were ringing out for the King's death across the city. The city understood.

Screams of enjoyment coming from outside could be heard within the walls. The royal court ran to the windows looking to the forest. Fairies with no weapons, no armour and evil grins lined the top of the hill Billiana, Casban and Arturis had sped down less than an hour before. The line melted back into the forest cackling as it moved. They were going to prepare for an attack on the newly mourning city. Billiana turned from the window to see Casban knelt by his Uncle's body. A greatly unexpeced look of fear was on her face as she stared at the new, young King.

"What is it? Billiana what's happened? What was that noise?" Casban pleaded through tears.

"They are coming. They know you are the new King and they know you are not ready. Let me send for my people to help in the fight."

The words rushed out of the warrior queen and Casban felt this was not the first time Billie had experienced anything like this.

Billie, Casban and Arturis ran towards the kingdom walls with the Human Army.

 "Your Majesty, Billiana, surely you can't be planning to fight with us?"

 "Of course, you won't stand a chance without me, oh and call me Billie, it's much easier" she said comfortingly as she smiled at him. She hugged him before running out of the castle to the gate. She knew it was a bad idea to ask the gatekeeper to open the gate so she climbed the gate fluidly and cried out for her vampires. Casban had tried following her, with Arturis now by his side after hearing the bells, but neither was as fast as Billie. When they reached the gate they saw her in a cat like position on top of the gate. A strange sort of battle cry seemed to be coming from her. It was truly frightening. Swiftly, a strange sort of black clous rose up from behind the trees on the horizon. It looked like the sky was full of huge birds to Casban and Arturis who were watching Billie and the sky from  a guards tower. As it came closer they could see they were actually vampires, all female. They were in similar gowns to Billie but with long sleeves and very dark grey, almost black but not quite there. They also didn't look quite as beautiful as BIllie, to Casban at least, but still more beautiful than any human.

The vampires landed in the courtyard just past the gate and when that filled up, they took positions on top of the city walls, in between the soldiers already positioned there. They had no weapons, not like swords and arrows at least. They had their speed, strength, and most of all, they had their fangs.


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