1. Falling

I don't know how long I fell.  It seemed like forever.  My body fell as lifeless as a rag-doll.  All the while the wind was whistling past my ears.  Blood rushed to my head making me feel light-headed and dizzy.

How long before I reach the bottom? I thought to myself.  How long before I am dead.

I awaited the moment that I would hit the ice.  My eyes were shut tight.  I did not want to witness my own death.

I heard a crash as my back hit something hard.  Then nothing.

I opened my eyes and saw a large hole getting smaller and smaller.  I was falling again.

The moment I hit the bottom, everything went black.

I awoke with an intense pain in my right leg; the leg I had injured.

Am I dead? I must be, were my first thoughts.  But then I realised that if I were dead, I would surely feel no pain.

I tried to move but something digging into my injured leg.  With difficulty i sat up a little so I could see what was preventing me from moving my leg, not that I could move it much.  I saw that ice pebbles of different sizes were piled on top of my leg.  I could not move it for the pain.  I had no food with me; all the food had been with Simon.  I had had the fuel, but that had already run out.

I knew that I would not survive in this frozen wastleland for long.

How long? I thought.  How long before I die of cold and hunger?

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