Start of: Your Star-partner

Only you and your star partner in a forest...


1. The 1st and only Chapter...

There it was again, it was a kind of whooshing sound.  We just stood there hugging each outher, waiting for something to happen.  But nothing did.  The noise stopped, but we diddn't stop being afraid.  We were still there for at least anouther half hour, but still nothing happened.   I felt your tender wings rubbing againstr the roughness of mine.  I felt you get up and tried to pull you back down.  "There's nothing there!"  you luaghed with fear in your voice.  you flew up into the trees. i was still crouching down, my wings torn and brocken. You looked down at me with your jade eyes looking straight into my heart.  I stretched out my moonlight-royal-purple wings and flapped with with all my might but no matted how hard i tried the air whent staight through them.  "It's been two years sine the accident! Have you still not recovered???"


That reminded me of the dark ages a forbidden time of war and death.  I was meant to die...  You see in our worls (which is totally different to yours) everyonr has a star partner.  If they die you die.  Mine died so i was ment to die but i obviously diddnt, i wouldnt be writing this wound i? When i woke up i was here with you, my new Star partner,  Staru!


  "Hmmm...." I sighed,   "if only..."

  "I dont like it when you get that look!" you shivered.  I put my wings together behind my back and jumped up grabbing a branch over my head. Holding on to it i pulled myself up and started junping from tree to tree.    "so where are we going?...."  I asked.





                                                                                                                    Love Cookie-Vamp      x

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