south park episodes

funny classic episodes of new south park


1. Suck My Balls Mr.Garrison

One day in south park Eric Cartmen, Kyle, Butters and Kenny came back to school from the summer. '' Ok class we've got a lot to learn today '' said Mr.garrison '' lets start of with 5x2 '' oh oh i know the answer Mr.garrison '' said Tom '' Tom '' said Mr.garrison. Tom replies ''uh 12 '' '' Ok thets take an answer from someone whose's not a complete retard '' said Mr garrison '' oh oh i know the answer Mr.garrison '' said Kyle. Cartmen mumbles '' nu nu nu nu nu nu nu '' '' shut up fat boy '' said kyle '' oi dont call me fat you f**** dew.'' Mr.garrison herd and said '' Eric did you just say the f word. '' uh dew '' said Eric. '' no he's talking about f*** '' said Kyle. '' whats wrong with saying f*** in school it doesn't hurt anybody f*** F** F** F** F** F** said Eric. '' Eric how would you like to see the headmaster '' said Mr.garrison '' how would you like to suck my balls Mr.garrison '' said Eric '' what did you just say!? '' asked Mr.garrison  ''oh oh im sorry what i said was HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS MR.GARRISON. And butters said '' holy s*** dude.

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