Give me confidence

A bullied, small, timid fish makes a comeback useing confidence buildup as a motive.
Short poem


1. The lone fish

As I swam all alone, a coldnes wrapped around me,

I felt the wrath of my enemies, not allowing me to be free,

They hated me with a passion, from what I could see,

If I could, I know I would, to another ocean flee,


My scales a shiver,

My mind a quiver,

My bravery yet to deliver,


My scales polished, shiny and blue,

My mind set for my confidence to renew,

That, my plan, nobody knew,

I was prepareing a comeback, through and through,


My scales a ready,

My mind almost steady,

My bravery full steam a head,


Here it comes the time is here,

I have the ultimate no fear,

The shark lost its bark, the poor dear,

I will no longer take the lonely rear,


My scales a loveable,

My mind discoverable,

My bravery untouchable,


All my problems are made a mend,

And now my journey comes to an end!


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