Ryan: A Visionary in Science

Some people look past things that are insignificant. Power can outstretch the will of a person to the point where their own past and everything that they did to achieve such a strength-was forgotten as if it never happened, but some men choose not to see an event as a seat of power. In fact, individuals have breached history time and time again, claiming that their power is a curse. Here is a story about insignificance, it is also a tale of power.


2. The Vistud Foundation

No more than six years later, there stood a man that was more ambitious and spiteful than his earlier self could ever be. The defining moment did not only fuel his hate for authority, or to cast out any existing source of power, but despise altruism entirely. At first he tried to cope with the idea that the world was filled with petty morality, but for a visionary: The stacks of failure are not an option for a man of success, the guttered ground is not a home for a constellation. From that day, Ryan built a foundation, a single idea and from this simple phrase it planted a seed that would grow into an entirely new belief all together, "Why not?" he said. Why not... a silly thing to imagine, but how would one explain the Titan's creation of humanity more than them asking themselves, "Why?" and simply answering, "Because we can." This phrase for Ryan was his new exodus, but the first mark of eminence. These words would cast out altruism, deny holy and unholy beliefs, denounce the advancement of magic. This phrase created a new stem of reality... science. Not just arcane engineering or the creations of the apothecarium, but true science... the understanding of things so insignificant to some, yet so powerful to the creation of humanity.

Within time, Mr. Ryan found himself standing with open pockets, as the nobles of this world freely and happily threw gold into his pockets. Whether it was for the sight of a new future, discovering an unknown theory, or even for political and social motives-Ryan gladly accepted. Even though he knew that by accepting this, he would dwell into a lifestyle that was never favorable by his theories, he still continued onwards with a strong and open mind. Because there was a difference to his lifestyle than the nobles of kingdoms. He suffered and bled for what he had now, he sacrificed a hand for true morality, not what kings told him to believe and feel. Though a vision and funds is one thing, while a reality was another.

Ryan himself is a man who is not capable of a scientific lifestyle, yes, he shows dedication to the field and his beliefs, but he was never a do-er, he is a thinker. Still, Ryan's talents sold him well over the course of the next few years. In due time, what once was an idea of science, became a collection of fields: blood elven botanists, forsaken apothecaries, gnomish engineers, goblin construction crews, even some who peered their eyes at the makers technology within Northrend found their way to Ryan. In the end, this project and and train of thought was not just Ryan's to bare alone... it was a collection of efforts from every field; a great machine of society working all together, a foundation... The Vistud Foundation.

In this quest, this first exodus, Ryan found himself to be the grandiose. From the feats of humanity rose many more in his beliefs, a collection of all science, a gallery of magnificent ascendency. Together, these individuals moved in a new direction, one that the world of Azeroth has never seen, and in time... they brought the people of all cultures a little bit more knowledge to live with. As the days grew by, Ryan found himself to be less of a salesman to the idea of science. In fact, within only a years time after the Vistud Foundation was found, he was given a pension for his efforts and excused entirely from the field. Though that is not his story, that is the story of science. From this point on, this new company, this... Vistud Foundation moved in a direction that was far from Ryan's grasp, but the importance of his story is that he sparked a flame that kept on burning. And after all, big things have small beginnings.

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