Ryan: A Visionary in Science

Some people look past things that are insignificant. Power can outstretch the will of a person to the point where their own past and everything that they did to achieve such a strength-was forgotten as if it never happened, but some men choose not to see an event as a seat of power. In fact, individuals have breached history time and time again, claiming that their power is a curse. Here is a story about insignificance, it is also a tale of power.


3. A Word From Ryan

"What defines a man? To preach the word of our undoubted power? Only to be eradicated by those that seek revenge for their poverty. To become the proletariat and settle for average? Only to be the ripe pick of the rose. To be dropped into the endless maw hungry for greed and splendor as your superficial resemblance struggles to get out. To burn like a cur as you scream the silent voice only you can hear. To see your friends fade away as if you were a haunt of Caer Darrow in the northern front. At the end of the tunnel you will learn to hate and preach once more. But not the words of true faith, but of self-righteous actions of the hated heart as you wreak havoc and kill the dominant, who is no person of mind, but of you who is now the victor. A battle within the mind is power of faith. And only then will you be free. No more giver. No more taker. No more taken. I am he, who is me. I have hated. I have felt, preached, and loved. Do not judge what you do not know. So kill what lives in you. And let live what has been killed. Only then, as you feel the sting of death pierce your heart, will you pulsate judgment through the veins of your own, and know the true meaning of justice. Then you will be truly out of mind…Then you will truly be free…"   -'Mr. Ryan'

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