I'll never forget you.


4. Chapter 4

“Thank you all for coming tonight, I’m sure you can all imagine how hard this was for me to come out here.” I sniffled.

At this point my three sons came running to me from backstage and gently patted my back.  I smiled at them whilst trying to regain my own voice..

“This has been my first performance since the accident, and it is going to be my  last,” I stuttered.

The crowd roared with what sounded like gasps and cries.

“I'm beyond sorry to disappoint you all, but things haven't been right, they haven’t been for ten years, without John there's no way I can carry on on my own. Thank you again for coming, John would have been overwhelmed at the turn out.”

I rested my microphone on the stand in front of me and exited the stage.

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